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Interesting Handmade.....


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44 minutes ago, marbles34 said:

Why you ask.....to show courtesy to anyone who bid or planned to bid on this auction. Also, why is it relevant if the auction ended or not?


Good answer.

It can be hard to wait, and some times there are pressing questions from someone who is interested in bidding on an auction and needs to learn fast before the auction is over.  But as you suggest, the majority preference seems to avoid posting active auctions if possible, except when a seller is announcing their own auctions of course!

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2 hours ago, Mattshaw1953 said:

This ended way before you're post, not sure why you would ask after auction ended?,

Why not?  If it was a marble of a type I'd never seen before, and was curious about?  Not everything is related to buying and selling.  Plain old curiosity can play a part too.

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23 minutes ago, Mattshaw1953 said:

Sorry, but the OP was plain Crap!, why ask an opinion on an old auction, as if it were still running?, plain weird if u ask me?, to show curtisy to those who bid or plan to bid?, on what?, an auction which ended days ago?, come on guys, get real!!!!


The OP was not crap.  Please don't talk that way.  It was a good post about an interesting marble.  There was no assumption of the auction still running.  Don't attack members like that.  Please.  

Thank you.  


If you have problems with this, please PM me.  Don't derail this thread.  If the thread looks like it's being derailed, this discussion will be broken off into another thread or unapproved.  

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8 minutes ago, marbles34 said:

Matt - read the OP again......I mention nothing about the auction or any relevance to an auction.....isn't this a website to acquire knowledge about marbles??? This is the exact reason I stay off these boards.....complete troll! 

I saw nothing wrong with the original post. This board is for everyone to learn, help, show off or whatever about marbles. If someone has an issue with a post, you can just ignore it and read something else.



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