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Champion sizes... older Champion?


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I came across this older thread --


And it made me wonder about a marble I got a few weeks ago. It was described as an "older Champion"... and is super lumpy/out of round (I love this about Champions... they feel so interesting rolling them around in your fingers!!!) so that the absolute largest reading I'm getting on it for size at the largest point is 27/32".

Now that thread says most older Champions are 5/8"... and the new Old Fashions have at least 5 varieties that are 13/16".

I don't think mine looks like any of the 5 new Old Fashions described (which are also pictured in the article posted there)... And this was sold as "older" anyway, so I would think it's not a new Old Fashion?

What do y'all think? If most older Champions are 5/8", anyone have any examples that are bigger? Could mine be one? Have there been more than the "at least" 5 varieties of new Old Fashions described?

Has there been more/different information in the 8 years since that thread was posted? I do keep getting bamboozled by reading old/outdated information, LOL!


Here's my "older" Champion: 













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Yeah .... size would have stopped me from guessing Champ on yours, Krystal.  


And as you note, "Old Fashions" aren't that old.


I don't know anyone would think that an older Champion.  







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I'd guess at one of the early 80's runs, but Champion seems to be (in my mind unfairly) overlooked by collectors so there's very little information out there. A lot of the early 80's runs (particularly red and white swirls) are nigh on impossible to tell apart from 1950's production  if they're around 5/8" - most of them don't have the oily 'vacor' like finish and glass quality is seemingly identical.

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Thanks everyone!!! Well dang, LOL, wonder just how old something has to be for this seller to call it "older"... :rolleyes: haha! I have 2 more Champions from the same seller -- one also described as "older" and one not, neither nearly as big as the one in this post. Gotta get pics, I'm sooooo behind on getting pics... but the second "older" one is just gorgeous... *drool*

Oh man I just remembered -- I picked up a freaking amazing beautiful awesome Champion furnace at Canton!!! Haven't gotten any pics of my Canton mibs yet!!

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I suppose most of the old-fashioned are 30 years old now - I wouldn't describe them as 'older' but they're hardly spring chickens ;)

Personally I've given up worrying about the age of Champions and just try and collect as many different types as possible - the 'Old fashioned' are generally really nice looking marbles and just as much part of Champion's history as ones from the 40's. I'm not so keen on the later 'oily' looking ones, I just don't like that finish, but other than that I like them. Champs also frequently do such interesting things under UV - never ignore a clearly/cloudy champion without running it under a blacklight.

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