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Coral - Champion?


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On ‎04‎/‎03‎/‎2018 at 6:06 AM, Steph said:

We used to think Champion.

I'm pretty sure we have moved these over into Alley.  

Thanks Steph, I thought it was the solid green ones that were moved to Alley but wasn't sure on the semi-transparents

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 Yes it is Alley. Probably most all of the Coral colored or striped marbles have now been attributed to Alley or CAC. The majority being attributed to Alley. The majority of those being produced at the St.Marys WV location. More information came about from the collections of two L.E. Alley grandsons.  More information came about from more recent excavations at the St.Marys site. Champion and Alley factories were located within a few yards of each other at different years. Champion used the old alley building for storage and packaging. Champion packaged lots of WV marbles from many companies. So years ago what evidence there was pointed to Champion for most of the corals. But more and new evidence has changed most of the corals towards being produced by Alley. Alley corals can be opaque or transparent. Pictures can be found in the book L.E. Alley "Father of West Virginia Swirls" .   Some are now named Alley Exotic Coral. There is also one with the similar bright transparent green base with only yellow. This one is named the Alley Mountain Dew. I also believe there are some CAC coral marbles. I think those are few or rare. If you find a cut line or double cut lines, you probably have a CAC coral. 


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