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Peewee puzzler


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I am not sure what this is. Measures just under 1/2". Clear  bubbly  base with lavender ribbon swirled just under the surface. Looks kind of like marbles that have been called snottys. I know CAC made some Peewees, this probably isn't one but a boy can dream. Doesn't photograph well this is the best I could do.

CA? 3.jpg


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4 hours ago, wvrons said:

Could be Alley or Champion ?  At that size and the seedy glass, I would say more likely Champion. 

Interesting - size wise would point more to Alley for me. I've yet to come across a Champion under 17/32" that's not been a solid or clear. It's possibly just what reaches me (I'm stuck with ebay/etsy rather than shows on this side of the pond).

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