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Ron Shaw


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I am sharing this directly from Don Miller's post on Facebook.  Ron is one of the first people I ever learned to turn to for help on the marble forums.  



It is hard to write this but Sunday morning one of the old timer cat's eye collectors passed away. Ron Shaw was one of the early contributors to internet marbles pages and he loved the cats. I met him through those boards and first physically met him 20+ years ago in an Atlanta hotel where I was at on business. I remember he loved them so much I brought him a box of Master Glass cats to give him and show him some of my other marbles. That initial visit turned into several trips to his house and he taught me all about the Atlanta area where he had been a policeman for many years. He knew all the neatest areas and unique dining establishments. We also made several marble show trips, the best being a five day stay and tour in West Virginia . We had some wonderful entertaining conversations on those all night drives to remote destinations for us southern boys. We continued to maintain contact through the years , even after Ron lost some of his interest in his marble toys. In recent years Ron took up writing and even did an internet radio show focusing on artists and made friends (which he already had an abundance) all over the world. In the past he also sold for many years on Ebay and was an antiques dealer at Atlanta shows. He was definitely a unique person to have known. As a tribute I will post a few of his elaborate cat's eye collages. Rest in peace Ron. A picture of Ron and i on a marble dig site is below, Ron Shaw is on left.

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Dang, I am sad to read this.  Have not checked FB yet this morning.  I communicated a lot with Ron over the years.  Never had a chance to meet him.  Had been following his posts the last couple years on Facebook - very entertaining.  Years ago, on the marble boards, he and I had posted pics and named the Vitro Cloudies.  Here is a picture he posted back then.

Vitro Cloudies (Ron Shaw).jpg

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Sad news. I remember that picture day well. I have some pictures from that day on my dining room wall. He sure could make people laugh, no matter where he was or who ever was around.  When I think of him I smile. He liked making people smile and laugh. 

Rest in peace Ron ! 

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