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Awesome Collection Of C.a. Marble Halves..


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You said it Galen:-)... not me...lol Kind of ironic isn't it don't you think.

I could have posted these images years ago but I never felt I needed to prove anything to anyone! ......

And I still don’t!

Here's some cool drips and pieces, one of them looks like mickey mouse:-)



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No need to protect any investment here, for two reasons. I was very fortunate to get in on them before they went through the roof. Sadly, I had to sell many of the ones I bought long ago. Had a few bad years there, glad I have a nice marble collection to help out when things were not as good as they might be. I have a few left, less than a dozen and believe me they aren't the high dollar ones. I have always been drawn to unique construction features vs. the ones that sell for the highest prices because they have some fancy name:-) I still like flames better then these fancy multicolored slags also!! The proof thing well, I'll just leave it at that!!! Sure, I like c.a.'s and you might say I still have a pretty nice collection:-).... but they are not my favorite marbles by any means. Hand Gathered marbles have always been my favorite marbles and always will be ......

oh ya.... some people might think I have something for bluengreenz marbles:-)


Oh ya, I have what many would call exotics, (man I hate that name,) that I have had 13 years plus..... long before these all surfaced ...lol Like you have said, just look at the Grist's book they are there in plain sight.

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i have to totally agree with that title - Awesome doesn't begin to describe the group!!!!

those 'drip' pieces are cool too! i have some pelt pieces like that (lame-o bananas, but still cool!)

um, i don't see any 'exotic' fragments here though - did i miss them?

(ack!! don't kick me, BT! i had to do it!! :lol:)

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  • 2 weeks later...

I gotta ask.........????

Do any of your half pieces match up to make

one marble ????

I couldn't resist trying to make marbles

outta the stuff (Pelts) I got a couple years


I got ONE....!!!! (Pee-Wee)

RAR.........sssshhhhhhhhh....go go SuperGlue!

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