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The LARGEST sized slags in there

are the White & Blue Akro's.

The 1(Clear) :D Akros is 7/8ths.

The One with the little " GRIT"....

It's the largest....can't stretch it to 1 inch.

The Largest RED is a 1 and 1/2incher........ :lol:

Only 3/4 and those are Akro as well.

Sorry........couldn't pass on the elusive

1 inch RED SLAG.

Any Ideas on the Funky Olive Drab

with the Lavender Swirl ????


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Not an MFC product IMHO. They had an extremely limited selection for colors and for combinations when compared to your typical CAC's and Akro's etc. In addition if its lavender, then technically its no longer a slag. I can't remember for sure but I think that type of shear is similar to the ones found from the mystery company (possibly Canadian?). I think Tankgrrl is dead on.

There is one heck of a set of these you can view here:



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