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Reconditioning is a term for placing a marble into a 3 headed (usually) grinding device, that can take down various layers of glass, then polish the marble to a clean, perfect sphere.

This is currently a favorite and inexpensive method for machine made marbles or severely damaged handmade marbles.... It should be understood that the pontils of a handmade marble will be permanently lost with this method.

The following is a list of marble reconditioners!!

(Please note that this is an open listing space... Members of this board do not necessarily know, or endorse the restorers listed... Please seek recommmendations or visit the "Feedback file" for individual reputations.)

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If anyone is interested in marble polishing machines, I will be showing my new 2009 series of machines in Sistersville, WV in September. Here are some key options that come standard.

1. Three heads

2. Easy turn knobs for adjusting

3. All aluminum frame

4. Anti crash supports. ( nice to kep the heads from crashing into the grit pot and spilling it)

5. Easy access on/off switch

6. Easy disassemble for cleaning


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I was wondering how much you guys charge for reconditioning marbles ? Is it a set fee or does it depend on the condition of the marble. I am a bottle digger who finds alot of marbles in the privys we dig and those marbles have been in the ground for over a 100 years and sometimes well over a 100 years so to say the least they have some issues. Here are a few that I dug this week. I would love to hear your opinions and your advise as too what I should do with these marbles. Thanks Greg......


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Leroy got me into this and I am forever greatful!!!

Now I do it myself.....

Anyone need reconditioning work done please PM me or email at "[email protected]"

Here's a couple I've done, many more.........

Thanx all...............






how did you begin to do this yourself? Your work looks amazing. I'm a young collector and have many years a head of me. I would love to learn what the tools of your trade are and the type of initial investment you put into reconditioning materials/tools.



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If you will send me your email address to [email protected] I will send you information on reconditioning marbles with a three headed machine. I have helped several people that desired to help hurt marbles to restore them to their beauty. Later----Leroy----


I am new to this forum and to marble collecting. I love your reconditioned marbles! Send me info. about your great machine.



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Here is my complete listing for reconditioning (restoring) hurt marbles of all sizes:

My personal information is at the very bottom of this schedule. If you have any question or need clarification on anything, please call or emil me.

When mailing marbles please include your name, address, phone number and any other information that you want me to know INSIDE THE PACKAGE WITH THE MARBLES. Please type or print the information, as sometimes I can't read peoples writing. Thanks for doing this.

All handmades and machine made marbles up to but not including 1" are priced as follows:

All three steps------------------------------------------------------------$6.00

Broken down as follows:

Step one-----------Takes out all the damage if possible----------$2.00

Step two-----------Pre-polish--------------------------------------------2.00

Step three---------Finale polish-----------------------------------------2.00

Example-----------If a marble just needed pre-polish and final

polish, the price would be------------------------$4.00

All handmade and machine made marbles 1" up to but not including 1 1/2":

All three steps -----------------------------------------------------------$7.00

Broken down as follows:

Example--------If a marble just needs pre-polish and final polish $4.65

If a marble just needs final polishing-------------- $2.35

All handmade and machine made marbles 1 1/2" and up plus all sulphides--------$8.00

Example-------If a marbles just needs Pre-polish and final polish the price is------ $5.40

If a marble just needs final polish-------------------------------------------------------------$2.70

Volume discounts:

***A shipment containing 30 through 49 marbles------------Fifty cents discount per marble provide all go through all three steps.

***A shipment containing fifty (50) or more marbles--------One dollar ($1.00) discount per marble provided all fifty or

more go through all three steps.

The owner pays for postage/handling and insurance if desired. Turnaround time is about one week from the time of arrival.

[email protected]

Leroy Johnson

1516 Kennedy Drive

York, Ne. 68467

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