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Red Slags

Road Dog

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Marbleclueless I've never seen this shade before! Is it really that bright of a purple in hand? Very nice examples all over the thread. I am interested in that slag egg you have posted there Akronmarbles. Was it intentionally made egg shaped? Pontils? Learn something new every day around here :)

Heres the only purple pelt I have thats a lighter purple complete with pop:


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Is that a Pelt Brad?

Coolbrezz those are awesome Slags (esp. Red ones) I'll post a couple pics of RJ in a sec.

Brian, What's with the egg? Is there a Melt Pontil? Is this the one and only?

Marbleclueless is that a purple or is it blue and looks purple?

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For what its worth RD the collector I bought it from is far more knowledgeable than I in the ways of the slags and thats what he called it. I suppose it has just barely enough feathering to qualify for the trait along with that blowout pit. We've been down the feathering road before...its possible someone else made it, definetly.


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