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A minute ago I attempted to edit one line here. When I submitted the edited version, the contents had disappeared entirely.

I shall have to start this section from scratch.

This is going to be tough. Since I'm very new to handmades, I had to work hard to even figure out which categories to include the first time.


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Thank goodness for Google! Here's a new rough draft, from a cached copy in Google. No links yet, and obviously the formatting is lost, but those are the categories and the thread titles I had as of probably a day or two ago. [edit: have retrieved most of the links; as always will still welcome suggestions for new links, or new categories, or whatever]




Displays and discussions:

Largest Vintage Handmade?

EYE CANDY! Just pics of amazing marbles! Enjoy! ("From the collection of an European collector")

End Of Cane Cloud ?, End of Day Four Panel Onionskin? (Discussion of how looking at a marble underwater can help.)

Handmades Vs Machine Mades (Deep, plus there are pix, plus there is bonus artwork!)

My Finds Today At Collector's Fair In Holland

Handmade Outer Bands

English (or Bristol) Glass Handmades

English Colors? (question About Jonmp's Mibs)

Oooh My Latest Catch! Handgathered Eggyolk Oxblood, made around 1840-1850

Handmade Id?, Ever seen one? (Beachball patterns)

Myspace: Marble Collector Page! Check It Out!

What Would You Call This Handmade?

Not An Ebay Plug

Akron: The American Marble and Toy Manufacturing Co. (has some glass marbles, wonder if any were ever distributed to the public)

A Whale Of A Marble, the end of a german cane ya gotta look !!!!!!

Caged Handmade, questions

Most Interesting Handmade

G.G. Becker's Marbles !, THANX MIKE !!!!

What kind is this (need to ask someone soon):

Some That I Don't Need Any Help With, (Attention Hand-made Marble Lovers!) (what kind is the aventurine marble?)

Picked Up A Few Handmades Today...

Artisans at work:

Original packaging:

German Marbles, Original Packaging

Transparent swirls:

Latticinio swirls:

One More Time.

Slurp A Lot A Lurv For Handmades (end of cane & red latt)

Handmades (the original picture is missing; I'll try to fix that)

Alternating Latticinio's Blue/green?, or other odd one's

Orange Latt.

Looking For A Picture Latticino Ribbon Marble

Solid Core Swirls:

Handmades (see post #7)

Kewl Handmade Common?

Tri-Stage: (do these belong in a category already showing or are they their own type?)

Would You Call This Handmade A Tri-Stage?

Divided Core Swirls:

Pretty Little Handmade

Is There A Name For This One?

Handmade Help Please (post #3)

Ribbon Core Swirls:

Say Hi! To The Naked Latticino Brothers

Northeast Marble Meet (2-3/8" naked single ribbon)

Show Us Your Ribbon Cores

Ribbon Lutz Swirls:

Ebay Plug - Some Nice Ones This Week! (super pics of some lutz, but what classification?)

The orange and yellow lutz marbles are called "Ribbon Lutz" wink.gif Sue

(thanks Sue! lol)

Jelly Core Swirls:

Heres One I Found Any Ideas What To Call It?, cased indian/shrunken core indian/just to tired to finish it ?

Joseph's Coat:

Handmade ID?, Ever seen one?

3 Other New Ones, What Are They?

End Of Cane Cloud ?, End of Day Four Panel Onionskin?

Found At Vegas! (is that a Joseph's coat? -- too tired to refresh my memory tonight)

Joseph's Coat Vs. Onionskin

Banded Transparent Swirls:

Banded Transparent Vs. Coreless

What Would You Call This Handmade?

Coreless Swirls:

Some Handmades

Ghost Core:

What Is A Ghost Core?

Banded Lutz Swirls:

Peppermint Swirls:

Gooseberry Swirls:

The Largest Gooseberry Ever?

Pontiled Clear Gooseberry Swril 10/16 Mint

Caramel Swirls: (is this "transparent"?)

Handmade , Slag? Trans. ? Whatz It, Good size

Mist Swirls:


Maglite Mica ???

What Is A Ghost Core?

G.G. Becker's Marbles !, THANX MIKE !!!!

A Tale Of 2 Micas ... What Am I Missing?

What Color Would You Say This Mica Is?


Would You Polish This One????

Please Tell Me About Submarines (handmade)

Complex Core:

Opaque/Translucent swirls:

Indian Swirls:


What Would You Call This Handmade?


Gallery: Giant 2" black based clambroth

Privately Aquired Cobalt Guinea And Others, Please tell me what you think

MM: Clambroth

Banded Opaque Swirls:

Lost Marbles Returned...ebay Plug

Thanks Y'all For Missing These!, ebay mail call!

Banded Translucent Swirls:

Some Real Nice Ones In This Bunch!, There's still BARGAINS out there!

Banded Translucent

Banded Oxblood Swirls:

Butterscotch Swirls:

Custard Swirls:

Opaque Banded Lutz Swirls:

Black Base Lutz (do I have this one in the right category?)


Lightning Strike:

Just A Pic To Make All Of You Cry...again, from the collection of a European collector

Some Real Nice Ones In This Bunch!, There's still BARGAINS out there!

Onionskins and Clouds:

Cloud Vs End-Of-Day Onionskins (first posts of 2010, the rest below are earlier)

Onionskin Question


Handmade ID?, Ever seen one?

End Of Cane Cloud ?, End of Day Four Panel Onionskin?

Mmmm Sparkly

Shrunken Core Onion

Handgathered Cloud?, A new mib, EOD Cloud ("Clown and Shrunked Up Too!" -- Road Dog)

Lobed Shrunken Core......light Green Glass, but is it end of day or cloud?

For All The Handmade Lovers...it Doesn't Get Much Better Than This! (onionskin with floating mica blizzard)

An Amazing Marble



Rare!, & unusual

2 Very Rare Antique Sulphide Marbles!

Get Out The Uv Lights, Purple Sulphide.

Old English Doorstop

Vintage Sulphide


The Glass Message Board: Origin of the name "sulphide"?

California Sulphides: (modern)

California Sulfides, Anyone have pictures??

Paperweight Marbles:

Just A Pic To Make All Of You Cry...again, from the collection of a European collector (post #5)



Handmade Slags:

Nuther Handmade Caramel/slag Mib (with lutz)

Simple/common glass marbles:



Ceramics (Pennsylvania Dutch, and one sort of like a scenic china)

Are These Clays Real??

China, differant pattern

Same Design, Different Artist?

MM: What is a spotted dick?

What Do Bennies Look Like Inside?

Pennsylvania Dutch China's, ending this morning

One Of My Favorites..... (Akron stoneware, ca. 1892)

Did I Pay To Much???? Value Help Please

Buy From The Ones You Know., Please let me know if you sell, or who the trustwothy are (see china in Post #10)

Bennington's (question about green benningtons)

Akron: Ceramic Marbles: Sam Dyke and the ubiquitous clay marble (first mass production of toys specifically for children)

Akron: The American Marble and Toy Manufacturing Co.

Ebay Plug - Ending Sunday April 29th, Transitionals, Handmades & more! (carpet bowl)

Carpet Bowls

Here's A Cute Lil Fella (Baby Benningtons, some stuck together)

Atlanta Porcelains: (fraud alert)

Mostly Pix - Fake Chinas, Tennessee/atlanta Porcelains, and other "antique" ceramics which aren't

Stone: (not necessarily old or hand worked)

Tiger-eye With Red-agate

Ode On A Lowly Agate, The Mankiller mib

MM: ...recent marble marbles and board find... (marble marbles)

Here Is 2 That Came With The Pelt, any ideas ? (alabaster)

"Transitional"? (how should I classify these?)

Simple But Elegant..

Percha AKA Paper Mache

Hey...got 'gutta'??

Anyone Else Miss These On The Bay?

Handmade, old and marble-like but not a marble?

Hollow Core Swirls?

Handblown Marbles? "coreless" Swirls?

So What Is It? Hollow Marbles Revisited

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