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A lot of room for new threads (hint hint)

Akro Agate Company (1910-1951)

See also Original Packaging

Various examples and discussion:

Akro Heaven

Akro Timeline

Akro Agate Names

Akro Stats, Cork Counts

Clarksburg Yard Sale Find..., Hello, nice lady! Have Ye Any Marbles???

Oddball Akros

Oxbloods And Ades In Yellow Popeye Boxes, Coincidence?

Tri-onyx Akros

Mostly Pix - Akro


2 Questions From The Newbie, What does Prefreese mean? and...

Who Made This Marble Any Ideas

Akro Flames

Large Akro Popeye (pix gone, discussion still interesting)

6 Plus Color Popeye?

Have You Seen This Auction?, akro? not?

Akro Box ... "unmarked" (follow up to preceding)


Need Help From An Akro Glassware Collector, Please.

Forest Green Miss America

WWW: spglass.com: Sparkle Plenty Glassware

Slags (aka Onyx):

Akro Orange Slag, does anyone have any examples to show

Help With Cornelians (Cardinal Reds, one of the few Akro slags not marketed under the name onyx)

Kris' Blue Slag W/oxblood, omg omg omg

Kool Aid purple shade of slag? (what's the akro palette?)


AKRO PEACH BRICK (Some problems with the photos here, but the thread is long and has a lot of info. So, I need to go back and see if it should go elsewhere in my list(s).)


What Ya Think This Find Is ????, CRAWL OUTA DA WOODWORK AND VOICE YOUR OPION (errors)

Single Seam:

AKRO PEACH BRICK, shameless ebay plug! (see post #4)

Flinties and Moonies:

Are "moonies" Only White?

Red Flinties

Differences In Flinties

Various Patches:

Why It's So Difficult To Id Patch/ribbon Type Marbles~, Photographic evidence! (some patches in Post #5)

Who Dun It?

Lies, Dont Believe What You Read., 1" Akro SWEEEEET .............marquee (oxblood patches in Posts #1, 5, 15)

Patches - But Whose?, ID question from newbie

Mostly Pix - Akro (starting with Hy-Grade bags in the first post there a lot of patches in packages here, and more in some of the other original packaging threads)

Can Anyone Id This Akro Agate Marble (Leopards)

Moss Agates:

Moss Agate ??

Akro Ades, And Some Misconceptions.... (see Post #10)

Mostly Pix - Akro (post #22)


Mostly Pix - Akro


(The present understanding appears to be that Akro did not make the marbles we now call helmets, or at least not intentionally. The overwhelming majority of comments I've heard on the subject say in effect that helmets aren't found at the Akro digsites or in original Akro packaging.)

Heroes and Uniques:

Mostly Pix - Akro


My First Sparkler!

Experimental Sparkler, joining the family

Opaque Sparklers:

Mostly Pix - Akro (Post #24 has a scan of one opaque Sparkler from Baumann. I've asked a question about them now, so hopefully there will be a better link soon. :))

Various Corkscrews:

Let's See Your.....


Some Corks

5 Color Cork, lets see yours

Marble Pictures (translucent blue base, plus fantastic popeye)

Just Barely Corking

Different numbers of twists

Auger vs. Snake

Black in Akro corks, or Akros in general?

Same run corks

Error corks

LOM: Corkscrews 101 (counting the number of twists in a corkscrew)

Prize Names:

Speaking Of Akro Loose Ends ...

Akro Prize Name Names

Collectors corkscrew names:

Pelt Question From Exciteable Newbie (Indian Blanket)

Name Game (Superman, Livesaver, Indian Blanket)



Show Us Your Favorite Patches! (Claudia is a name for the experimental patches in Post #7. The Jolly Roger would be the cork version of this supersized marble.)

Tightline corkscrews:


Glowing Akro Ribbon Cork --- Cropped To A Circle!

Blue And Green Akro Auger?

Who Made This Marble Any Ideas (See Post #27)


Not A Closet Marble


Blue & Green Popeye

Akro Blue And Green Popeye - Part II

Large Akro Popeye

A Three Pronged Post]

New Popeye

Do You Have 1 Favorite Akro Popeye?

Tri-onyx Akros

Popeye patches:

Popeye Patch?

Mostly Pix - Akro (see post #7)


Akro Ades, And Some Misconceptions....


What's A Carnelian?

Orange Oxblood Vs Carnelian Oxblood?

Mostly Pix - Akro


Are These Shooter Corks Aces?, kewl colors but i dont know.

Akro Eggyolk -- Special Request

Identity Crisis: Mib F. K. A. Blue Eggyolk = What? (Akro's Aces are not the same as what most call Aces today)


Akro Ringers Or Not.

Akro Ades, And Some Misconceptions.... (see box in post #9)

Is This A Ringer?


For Jay ... What Exactly Is Eggyolk?

Akro Eggyolk -- Special Request (I had eggyolk entirely wrong)


akro 00 box!

Oxblood Patch Jackpot

Question (milky oxbloods)

Akro?? (milky oxblood)

Lies, Dont Believe What You Read., 1" Akro SWEEEEET .............marquee (oxblood patches in Posts #1, 5, 15)

Anatomy Of An Oxblood (an oxblood broken open)

My Christmas Present To Me Lol!, 3 Nice Akros

Akro Oxblood, Names And Variations

How Many Akro Corks Out There Like This., would like to see more. (Indian Blanket with Oxblood)

Silver Oxblood:

More Old Marbles


Shamless Plug, Cool Marble....

Chocolate oxblood:

What Is Chocolate Oxblood, Is this one ???

Gray Oxblood:

Weekend Score!, rare oxblood~yummy!


Akro's With Aventurine

Peltier Bumblebee Copper And Chromic Oxide Aventurine, yep green aventurine along side the black aventurine. (See Post #7)


Show Us Your Favorite Patches! (Claudia is a name for the experimental patches in Post #7. The Jolly Roger would be the cork version of this supersized marble.)

Can Anyone Id This Akro Agate Marble (Leopard ... called experimental, as are many others from the digs. I heard something about the typical size of true experimentals. The single Leopard I've seen 11/16". Larger than average but smaller than what I think I heard about experimental sizes.)


Id Help? Big Patch. Quite Nifty, Imo ... But Mebbe I'm Wrong?

Show Us Your 1" Inch Akros.., Show off time... Come on bring em out...

Other examples from the digs:

Need Help On Id Please

Id Help ... Please (not necessarily dug but Alan said examples came from the digs)

Marble Id... Thank You


Just Some Cullet (Colorful display in Post #2.)

A Few Pieces That I Have

Akro Picture Gallery:

I Love The Colors Of This Cork!

My Akro Collection., Just wanted to show off.

Popeye Score, and others

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