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Master Glass Vs. Master Marble


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Maybe I should call this thread "Master Glass vs. anything else". My mindset right now is something along the lines of if it looks vintage and I can't place it, maybe it's an Akro. possibly dug. That's why I was inclined to see Akro for the vintage marbles in Jane's shooter sorting thread.

Since Master Glass patches don't get the same airtime as their older MM relatives, I think that's making me more likely to confuse them with Akros and not see their relation to the older MM's.

Hearing about the differences is one thing. Having visuals would help a lot. Does anyone have any Master Glass examples they'd be willing/able to share?

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My Master Glass yellow banana cats glow bright orange under UV.

I'd like that. Is that a way to tell Master bananas apart from Peltier bananas?

WOW John!!! Those were your first digital pictures??? Great Job!!! Once you get it down, it will move faster... But, you've got a great start!!

Growl at John for being better on his first shots than I ever hope to get. You made those creatures look as if they might crawl off the page. :D

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Here are the cat's from one of my MG bags. The reds and "blacks" are semi-transparent (and the blacks sort of filimented). The white, green and yellow are opaque. The yellow glows bright orange in UV. Most of the opaques were a more Pringles potato chip shaped then banana shaped. I have two bags (one has a marble sized gap in the seal, so I could take them out for a picture) and all the yellows in both bags glowed. These are late MG. Early MM and MG may be more banana like and may not glow. * Al - could you check your bags? I'll try to remember to try to get a picture of the glow. My Pelt bananas don't glow. After I came across the 4 glowing base glass 4 vane cats I hit all my other cats with the UV to check them too.


Other contents of the bag:


Other bag:


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LOL.... I have moments like that... And, at times, it's a good thing!!!

It used to be much more frequent, then I had children.....!!!! I've had to learn to let a lot of things

S - l - i - d - e .................... LOL

They look great!

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Those patches, Jane, that's what I'm confusing with maybe-dug Akros ... and Marble King on the little brownish one?

and maybe wales on the blue and white ... maybe not ... but I wouldn't have been sure ...

I'm a little glad that one bag had a hole in it ... even though I'm sure you'd druther it hadn't. :-)

You just don't see that kind of MG close-up, not next to its original packaging. :-)

I see what you mean by the potato chippy look in the bananas. That I can recognize as master-y, from when the LOM-ers showed me a parade of tiger eyes ... a really long parade ... coz I couldn't figure out what was meant when people talked about a single ribbon of colors inside. Until I finally saw the pringles chip in one! lol

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Sue and Steph ~~ thanks for the compliments on the pics. What you are seeing is the burden of being an unrepentant perfectionist. LOL


And I thought you just had a super kick a$$ camera and an even superer kick a$$ assistant!!! B)

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Here's a group of Master cats that I purchased in the NO. 5 box. I believe them to be original to the box.


Here's a link to a discussion on Master Glass/Master Marble on Marble Mental that fits in with this discussion:

MMM vs. MG

On this thread, you can see that Don (Poplarhead) posted a pic of a box and marbles very similar to mine. Just goes to show you that Master made colorful, eye pleasing cats at some point in their history


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Jane, that's pretty neat effect and tough to capture. I'll be looking for it in my bananas from now on.

Elizabeth, ....... (I don't know what to say. I've loved that picture for a long time. Thanks for sharing it here!)

That red and yellow striped one looks .... different ....

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