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Mike Barton Sunsets


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WOW!!!!!! Very Cool, Carole & Mike!!!!

I just received a package that contains a gift that I've been working on for Mr. Miggles.... I can't post pics of it just yet (I want Mike to get it, first!!) But, I will later....

After all the great little boxes that Mike sends out to make everyone's day, I thought he needed one of his own!!! ;)

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Carole had mentioned a "dream marble" to represent a Tennesee sunset, and she was nice enough to let me try.

These were the first marbles I attempted using powdered glass for all the colors. You can't tell, but the larger, more wispy ones have 2 yellows, 2 oranges, a red, a pink, two purples, and two blues, pressed into strips of clear, stretched out thin, and then laid over a base of light blue in overlapping layers, and then messed with a little. They didn't come out quite like I hoped, but they have nice depth, in person.

The smaller one was just rolled in lines of powder, and then messed with.

I made a few others, also, shown below if I did this right.




Oh, and Sue, I am most intrigued by what you said, and I will just wait right here, by my mailbox.

I'm so exciting !

Thank you very much,


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Mike is the best... in so many ways!

We have to be careful here, as Mike is a very humble guy and we don't want to overwhelm him!!! LOL

But.... Bob, you got that right!!! :lol:

Mike, you've gotta chill out for a bit on the mailbox... I have to get some good pictures before I can post it... Our weather hasn't been very cooperative for that, lately.... I'll let you know when it's on the way!!


(YIKES!!! The sun just popped out.... Gotta run!!!!.........................

Uhhhh........Damn.......... Never mind............. "Life in New England!!!" <_< LOL)

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