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Show Your Best Agates!


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Here's mine! Marblealan lists the hand-cut as circa 1775-1925 that makes these some of the oldest marbles! I just love them, a lot of fond memories! Grandma Shupe always gave me an agate on my birthday, as she also did my two younger brothers. I always traded them out of theirs. This is an awesome bunch of agates! Many are very special to me! In the first 2 pics top row 2nd mib from the left, with the perfect symmetrical rings, Ernie (zaboo) gave me cause he knows I love agates! Third pic small green moss agate at the bottom, same mib in the case top row second from right, that agate was bought at the Crescent store in Ogden Utah, in 1940 by Que Eugene Shupe for his son Ronald Que Shupe who then gave it to his son Scott Que Shupe in 1992! Show me yours please!






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I'm a newbie to this wonderful marble board. Started collecting marbles about 7 years ago when I found some antique agates (mostly carnelian types) in a drawer at an antique store in Covina, CA. I later found a couple of dyed blue agates with nice bullseyes at Kobeys Swap Meet in San Diego. Since the first find, I got stuck on machine mades and other antiques and even contemporaries. If I can get a camera to take pics, I would like to show some of my marbles here. This is my first post to the board after "spying" for a week or so. Really enjoy the pics and helpful (and kind too) comments.

DougieP -- retired but young at heart and enjoying it!

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