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Colorful Jobber Boxes


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This cute little number was in a 2006 Morphy auction.


Do you think this could have been the original packaging? Some of the patterns on the jobber boxes are sorta blurring for me. Different makers seem to be found in similar boxes.

Did different companies make similar boxes? or are they likely all from the same source? popular boxes which different companies bought because they were attractive without worrying about branding issues?

Here's another one which isn't all that close I guess, but felt similar in my memory until I looked it up. like I said, they're blurring for me. One good reason to ask a question about it.


Would both of these be called "stained glass"?

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Edna is right they are referred to as stained glass boxes. Peltier used a smaller size about 3 1/2" square as did Akro. Akro also used the larger boxes as gift sets but I've not sure if Peltier did or not. Here's a picture of a smaller one that was empty when I got it and backfilled it.



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There are quite a number of different design stained glass boxes, both the small ones that held 25 marbles and the larger gift sets.

None of the marble companies made them, they were ordered from companies who made boxes to order. Could you really see cardboard boxes being made in a marble factory with all of the ovens going? They'd have all burned down.

In addition to Akro who used the most, Peltier and Master Marble used them. I also suspect that some of the "jobbers" like Pressman and Gropper probably put other makers marbles in some and wholesaled them.

The designs were popular in the late 1920's and early 1930's when Art Deco was all the rage. Art

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They Deco patterns look really nice as a contrast to the soft swirls and patches.

I don't think they'd work well with highly-detailed or angular pattern marbles.

For example, the marbles that you see above under Charles' and Galen's member names, magnificent as they are, wouldn't do the boxes justice and more so vice-versa.

Cheers, Bob

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ya know what, bob?

I think that may be the first time I've ever heard anyone discuss the aesthetics of those boxes in relation to what is found inside.

It almost sounds blasphemous ... though it is an interesting thought.

If you ever find one filled with 3-color flames and it's a little too busy for your tastes, think of me first. alright?

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Here's yet another pattern. I wasn't planning to add it, but now that thread has been renewed ...

This one was from an auction a couple of weeks ago. The Q&A section went on pretty long, with some pretty excited questioning. Folks seemed to believe it was all original.


Inside the box were two handwritten inscriptions, one for Christmas 1932 and one for a birthday in 1933. Regifting during the great depression? sweet, anyway.

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