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Differences In Flinties


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Just was reading abit about these earlier. As far as I can tell in this one book, they were red clear ones but also made some that were on an opaque base, maybe white??. But just reading a few posts down I guess there were a slew of other colors too. Someone with more info could probably tell you exactly what size they were which may also help you id them, unless they were multiple sizes in which case? lol Sorry, I am still learning :)

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Thanks Gary. I know there are other companies that have made clear marbles, and I know about Moonies and the glow they have, I have a couple Moonies, but I have a slew of clear marbles and would like to check to see if any may be Flinties.

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Mary, the first thing I would point out is that Flinties aren't clear.

The earliest flinties looked practically transparent when you held them to a light, but they were still translucent.

Something which may not be known is that not all flinties had the fish eyes.

The earliest, most nearly clear flinties did not have eyes. (unless I am mistaken both in what I have read and in the name of one of my early flint-colored akros)

As they became less translucent, some got eyes.

There are even virtually opaque flinties, but you can see the orange glow through them if they do have the fish eyes.

Without the eyes, the most nearly opaque ones may be indistinguishable from other companies' game marbles but the ones which are closest to being clear still stand out.

Here are some photos of Flinties and Moonies in original packaging.

Box 1:



Box 2:


Box 3:



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Mary, I was kinda holding out for someone who could give a good precise explaination, because I'm just not too confident in mine....

I have a box of Akro Flinties, but they're not where I can get to them in a hurry, so I can't look...

They aren't clear, or transparent.... They are translucent... Which is "cloudy" like murky water... Light can be seen through it and you may be able to see particles or bubbles that are near the surface, but otherwise, it's solid... Opague would be dead solid. You cannot see light through it at all...

Those are the three basic "densities" of color in marbles... Transparent, translucent and opaque.

I *think* the "eyes" that are mentioned, are like a transparent tunnel going through the marble that allows a lot more light through in that spot... Maybe, possible to even see through it?? Vaguely?? (That I don't know...)

One of the reasons I hesitated to answer was... I don't think the flinties in my box have eyes...

I think I'd have noticed that, but because I didn't and I can't actually look, right now, I'm not sure...

Soooo, do all Flinties have eyes?? Either they don't, or my memory is worse than I thought.

edit: HA, I shoulda held out just a little longer!!! Steph & I were typing at the same time!!!

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Yeah, Sue, I was also waiting for someone else with more knowledge to answer, but I finally gave in. icon4.gif

Mary, another thing to keep in mind is that not all translucent marbles are akro. Not even all translucent marbles with "fire" inside -- the orange glow you see when you hold them up to the light.

For instance, Champion and I think maybe even Jabo made swirls which are frequently mistaken for moonies. So, that's the clue there ... they're swirled inside. Akro Moonies and Flinties are not swirls.

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Check the marbles on the right of Brian's pic from your flinties thread:


The red and purple have at least one eye apiece.

It's possible that they do not have a matching eye on the other side, but if they do, then if you hold them up toward a light at the correct angle, you should be able to see the light coming through the center of the marble. Probably with an orange glow. (I think I have heard of one color which doesn't have the glow ... might have been blue?)

Another nice flintie eye brought to us by Brian:


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