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  1. A couple that need IDs...

    I see a nice flame. Is that an appointment:opaque is a flame and transparent not so much?
  2. German slag

    Got it in the mail this week and I'm happy with it. It's 5/8 and has one seam.
  3. Many of the Euro sparklers have Ox- aswell.
  4. and last another Veiligglas
  5. 5/8 transitional and 7/8 transitional
  6. and another Alley,under is Veiligglas.
  7. CAC or VAC

    The first pic-looks different as a Vac twister. Here's a close up of Vac for comparison,the red is a bit fuzzy and it has not a clear base area,so......?
  8. Veiligglas Original Packaging

    Veiligglas has made marbles from 1949-1961. This can be read in the newspaper article of 1959. "In the past the marbles were simply delivered in large bags,there are customers who order a certain quantity, as it measured per number and not by weight,one operates from a wooden shovel with 100 spheres. For the English, one has a shovel with 144 holes,so that one can work with gros. Lately,the demand for 6 or 12 pieces in a box became increasingly larger"" To me It seems that the marbles are older than the packaging they are in. Here are some boxes,pic- not mine.Also a nice pic- of the building I found lately.
  9. My Thanksgiving feast

    WOW freaking unbelievable and all are beauties.
  10. Metallics - start with Peltier

    There was also something dropped in the furnace at Veiligglas.
  11. One side busy other side is subtle,I like the subtle side most,reminds me of peacock feathers. It has some damage but I think I never find another one.
  12. bought me some flames

    Nice,and I like the yellow one most.
  13. looking good!!!Just out of the factory LOL
  14. happy with my new swirl

    Thanks folks,it's 1 inch