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  1. Start your wishlist now! Feel free to get me one of these.
  2. Letter to Santa

    Anything from these two pages would be nice. (Have you ever thrown one of these tops? I have practiced it a little -- I have one of my mother's tops, plus more for practice, both old and new.)
  3. Stay warm and safe.
  4. Mostly Pix - Alley

    A couple more threads to look at: http://marbleconnection.com/topic/21874-lawrence-glass-novelty-company-from-the-ground/ http://marbleconnection.com/topic/13019-alleys-blue-skies-and-blush-lines/ http://marbleconnection.com/topic/22071-st-marys-alleys/ Most of these pix are from auctions. I try to keep track of sellers and other sources now, but when I started this thread I didn't have all the names stored, so I may still be missing some IDs. From past Rinesmarbles auctions, these are Alleys dug at Pennsboro, placing their date of origin around 1934-1937. Misshapen ones, showing a couple of interesting color combos: I'm fairly sure these were also said to have been dug at Pennsboro: Note: There are other pix in the links here, Compilation: Original Packaging.
  5. Pelt Rainbo?

    Agree Pelts can look rather cosmic inside. Mini little planetarium.
  6. Beautiful Handmades

    Pretty I don't think we could narrow down a maker. I think it was something of a cottage industry in Germany. Some biggish manufacturers, but I think a lot of small ones also. I'll estimate between 1850 and 1930, for starters. Someone else might be able to narrow it down based on colors or styles. I'll also leave names and values to someone else! I enjoy the handmades ... but I don't know them well.
  7. I thought I had a more current photo in this thread. That blonde buzzcut photo is 20 years old. Here's one from this year with my glorious gray hair.
  8. this vitro have a name?

    Marble King Rainbow
  9. yet another alley?

    I think so. A little sparse on the color. Sometimes with most of the color concentrated on one side, we consider Cairo Novelty as a possible maker but their base glass tends to have a different texture. Your marbles seem to have a combination of Alley base, Alley ribbon color and general Alley ribbon pattern. From the 1940s.
  10. alley?

  11. alley?

  12. random mib ID

    Well now you're just messing with my head! I'll stick with Vitro because I can't think of anything else.
  13. Thanks. Yours is quite the looker. Mine are mostly cool because I know the boys would have thought they were cool in the 1800's. They'd be really easy to miss if you didn't know what you were looking for.
  14. I could see these coming from similar material. Yours has a lot of clear but some of the more solid white. (These are my actual marble marbles -- a little under 5/8" -- two of them are blood allies.)
  15. so sweet to have a secret marble honeyhole
  16. random mib ID

    Oh wait ... you said the milky covering has a "green hue". So you did mention a colored area which would probably meet the general description of a "patch" in marble lingo.
  17. Metallics - start with Peltier

    weeerd. I think I've got it fixed.
  18. These are sweet. Rich oxblood to go with all the pretty colors. DAS Mill/Bon Holiday Run, November 9, 2017
  19. :) Here's a thread just for showing off Jabos. Names and dates are cool. And so is just showing them. Edited to add: Jabos and any marbles made with the help of Dave McCullough after 1990.
  20. random mib ID

    That looks like white brushed on a pale transparent base. With longish seams, suggesting Vitro. Shorter seams might suggest Master. If there is no colored patch to go with the white, then that makes the ID harder, since on Conquerors we expect both the colored and the white on the surface. Do you have a flash on your camera? That can help a lot in showing features of transparent marbles.
  21. random mib ID

    What are the colors? I think it's a Vitro. Maybe a conqueror. But I can't be sure since I'm not getting a good sense of the color. I'm trying to remember the word Galen would use for what caused the dark line but I'm drawing a blank. Maybe some kind of debris in the tank or on the rollers.