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  1. Mostly Pix - Akro

    Cool little Popeye....
  2. Metallics - start with Peltier

    DAS with Gold Leaf and Peltier
  3. Color challenge thread

    Black with yellow not yellow with black
  4. Mostly Pix - Peltier

    All that I know is that they are HTF and if ever a marble deserved a name......
  5. Color challenge thread

    Dang Bill that's an absolute Killer!!
  6. Color challenge thread

    How about furnace chunk..... How about Red AV
  7. Color challenge thread

    Light blue and yellow.....
  8. Peltier?

  9. Peltier?

    Yes a white patch as well as a faint white ribbon on the other side. The striations are a rusty brown.
  10. Mostly Pix - Alley

    Superman (men) that is, I really dig these too.
  11. Peltier Stormy Seas

    Dang another Pelt to look for cool one Craig. -Scott