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  1. Vacors

    and Master bananesque 'blobs' remain as ugly as sin
  2. Pinkish base w/brownish swirl?

    The ribbon tips look more typically Alley than Cairo to me (not familiar enough with Jabos to comment), but that fold could be Cairo (or Heaton).
  3. Pinkish base w/brownish swirl?

    The butt-cracks?
  4. Pinkish base w/brownish swirl?

    Could well be Alley - I've got a green swirl with a very similar structure that came with a few other St Mary's, but I don't know whether it's distinctive enough to rule out others.
  5. Learn Something New Every Day-Ish

    We use stationery as a catch all for office supplies.
  6. I said I wouldn't buy any more with no ID, lol...

    Looks good for a Ravenswood - I wouldn't worry about the name, they're not Ravenswood names, just collectors grouping.
  7. Flame ID -- Alley?

    It looks good for Alley to me
  8. Vacor

    Handy to be aware of
  9. All red blackie

    Agree with Steph (although I've got one )
  10. Veiligglas Wirepull's

    That's stunning Winnie.
  11. Champ or jabo?

    Agreed on Jabo
  12. 3 for ID please!

    Agreed on one and three and clueless on two!
  13. Master Marbles?

    Odd/small size is a good pointer to Akro
  14. Assorted marbles from Europe

    Good idea Steph. Those patches intrigue me too - I don't know of any English production and I've not seen anything quite like them.
  15. Help ID PLEASE

    Looks Champion to me