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  1. Season's Greetings

    Season's Greetings to all. Life's been busy, but I'll catch up with you in the New Year. Richard
  2. Mostly Pix - Akro

    Gorgeous colours
  3. Starting the JABO sort

    Too tough a task for me.
  4. It's football season again!

    I'm enjoying these, but I'd just like to point out that a Football is round: It's Rugby balls that are elongated:
  5. Color Of The Month

    Fentonacres - I love that subtle one.
  6. Mostly Pix - Peltier

    Lovely collection Ed.
  7. First project - ball run in a box

    It's sitting in a corner nagging me to get back to it when the weather gets worse.
  8. Shipping cost

    Ouch. I assumed they still accepted tracked delivery evidence. I think in the 17 years I've been using ebay I've had one international package not arrive (and a handful of UK packages out a few thousand transactions).
  9. Shipping cost

    As a UK buyer I just wish sellers would do their own international shipping - using ebay's global shipping programme it's generally 18-20 USD on a 2 dollar marble and you can't combine shipping...
  10. Mostly Pix - Master-Made

    Keep them coming folks - I'm loving these
  11. Mostly Pix - Master-Made

    Lovely examples folks. There's something about Masters that says 'sophisticated'.
  12. Mostly Pix - Akro

    That is sweet.