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  1. Thanks Ron, that would be the one Bill has and Chuck referred to !! correct ?? The "French drain" mib is just a rare oddball I like to hang onto. Thanks again for the info. I always associated anemic as relating to human blood the more anemic you are the darker your blood as in the first 2 mibs I have pictured. A very dark color for oxblood. I can't type fast enough for you all, tryin but my big fat fingers won't move quick enough, Ron chimed in while I was texting this. Oh well, it's all good !! Chad G.
  2. Nice patch Bill, a first for me, The blue I have has a much much lighter color oxblood, it's not a normal brick looking color like yours ?? By the way the blue also an excellent mib.....They both need a life long examination @ my house free of charge of course.
  3. Thanks Alan, that thread is where I got the Akro answer from you and 2 others, dug probably, I was just presenting a rare example.
  4. An Akro oxblood patch on a dark muddy kinda olive looking base. Under normal lighting and backlit, only one I've ever seen W/ this particular dark muddy olive base and the oxblood patch. Already positively I.D. as Akro. Normally a clear base w/ another color accompanying it or riding along side it. 5/8ths dead on w/ digitals. Sorry for the debris I didn't have my glasses on. Good shape for a dug example, no fleas or pitting, nothing I can find, I got lucky. Thanks. Chad G.
  5. Alright, great minds think alike ya know, I'm going to take a pic of where mine hangs on the porch, you're not going to believe it but exactly the same spot, just the other side of the support.
  6. Thanks Roby, just didn't want to offend ya man. yeah sometimes the editor on this site won't let you do anything, I've had to wait all night before. For some reason late night is usually when it happens and no one is around to fix it. Chad G.
  7. Sorry about saying your name wrong Da Roberto, I didn't realize it's not "De" but "Da" Roberto, pls. accept my apology !!!
  8. Doesn't bother me, the summer sausage reminds me of elk hunting w/ Dad, we always had the elk made into summer sausage and elk burger, fitting indeed sir, deeeeliciouse!!! So are these new Heaton's, keep up the good work all, most memorable names, I'm sure they'll "stick" Lunch and mibs sound great !!! Thanks for posting all the pics Chuck. Wait, "Heaton", "eatin" hmmm............ Regards, Chad G.
  9. My lazy interpretation of a suncatcher, using copper wire.
  10. Now every time i look @ a new Heaton I get hungry, cucumbers, mint chocolate chip, black berry's, honey biscuits, I'm starvin here more pics !!! Seriously great pics Chuck, and some delicious unforgettable names, your on a "roll" don't stop now. Regards, Chad G.
  11. No gutter thought's here Bonnie !! more sweetness than anything else !! Gutter thought's never even entered my mind!! In fact they repulse me, "Dr. marbles" is just a person named Jason Jura who gave himself a name for Ebay sales, He wasn't in my thought's either !!
  12. Maybe De Roberto, but don't just go off me wait, someone else will chime in soon. Hopefully Chuck or Ron with a more positive I.D. Still to me not an alley, white threads not opalescent, "I have been wrong many times before", guess we'll wait and see. My best guess is still Champion !! I'm here to learn as you are my friend, hopefully I'll never forget. One thing about this forum, once I do learn something new I don't forget. One from Ebay, again more opalescence less white stranding.
  13. Yeah you end up w/ earlobes a mile long then you can put then big things the kids wear on their ears. I have no grand children either just one nephew, my baby brother passed in 2012, just me and my sis left. Look's like the necklace pendants would be ok !! not for copper unless you want a green spot on you, maybe some steel wire similar to the ear rings. I had a garden all my life till I sold my house to my Sis now I live in a 2 bedroom apt. in town, never have I lived in town before always in the country. Disabled for the last 15 yrs. so kind of convenient for me here. Yes I wish I could grow a garden also, miss it, and a lot of other things but I'm still here and kickin. Copper would be my choice for sum catchers, easy to work with.
  14. You mean a Jork ?? I've only seen pics of them Al. You're right, from this angle it sure doesn't appear to go but only half way to the opposite pole?? Thanks, Chad G.
  15. Yes, some very nice jewelry, necklaces, ear rings etc.... maybe if you have grand children a way to keep the marbles in the family , a gift and a story to go with. I'm a sucker for old German hand mades, my first to seriously collect. Wow I googled it as you can tell. I never realized so many things where made from old marbles, "have fun "
  16. top L to R, ?, Akro carnelian ?, Akro prize name cork, Akro special cork Akro amber onyx cork, Akro prize name cork, Akro prize name cork, wire pull ( German handmades ) Ribbon core, solid core, coreless swirl First one may be a flinty or gamer, 2nd one may not be a carnelian !! some carnelians glow in which case a carnelian ade, no glow just a carnelian @ least it looks like a carnelian, only one view not absolutely sure, might not even be akro. Never the less If you want to keep these it would just be for provenance since they came from your father correct ?? The Germans look to be in pretty good shape, the last one the blue glass coreless looks clean as well as the solid core next to it. If it where me I'd separate those really beat on ones, they'll scratch the others up, especially the hand mades being their made of a much softer glass. Good keep sakes, except the Germans from this vantage point they look good, get them away from those corks, rolling around in a bag will give them the "pocket wear look" dull and scratched up. $ 20.00 marble down to $5.00 or less. If you want a more accurate I.D. present @ least 3 or 4 different views of the mibs, also help's to evaluate them.
  17. Here's an I.D page I found in one of my alley folders, don't know where I got it but looks as if it's to be used for identification so here ya go De Roberto, hope this help's. Looks like a Champion swirl to me, not seeing the opalescent base glass, more of a white color. Just my observation, Chuck is much better @ I.D. ing these lady's than I am !! Chad G.
  18. I tend to believe these small marbles where made for the board in the first place. 99 % of these banded lutz mibs where made between 1880 and 1910,I do a general dating of my Germans by the pontils , i.e. a melted pigtail on one end and an unfinished pontil on the other end or both ends unfinished = ( 1880-1910 ), one faceted end and the other unfinished or melted = ( 1850-1880 ) not 100 % correct all the time but close. Between 1880 and 1910 many of the hand made where being produced for the "English game board mkt." , probably a link between the two somewhere?? " Which came first the chicken or the egg" I'm sure someone knows, I'm just going by the general production date of the marble and what the mkt. was @ the time. The "so called English gameboard marbles " where still being made in Germany but being made for the game boards. A general reduction in size and brighter colors also marked the change on top of the "unfinished pontils" like Steph's banded lutzes. These boards are so small you couldn't fit anything much bigger than a pee-wee on it, 5 x 6 inches is pretty small, 32, 5/8ths mibs wouldn't even fit on the board. The history of the solitaire board is extensive, I spent a couple hours researching. The way I understand the board was here way before the German pee-wees, pegs first then clays then finally glass.
  19. I thought the same thing for a minute !!!
  20. I didn't change the actual name of the thread just put it all in cap's.
  21. Close De Roberto, wrong Country, there's a clue on this thread as to the I.D. of the mib !! Read every post carefully !!!!!
  22. Hot pink in a hand made, another killer De Roberto, so what if it's a latticinio, still a good strike of color, nice pee-wee's "thanks man"
  23. The blue ace is over .75" @ 97/128ths, the smaller anemic ace next to it is 11/16ths dead on w/ digitals. Thanks for chiming in Chuck, I also would like to hear what Ron has to say, so many opinions, maybe @ the end of this thread we can all learn a little and come to a unanimous decision. I knew when I started this one thing would lead to another !! Isn't that the point ?? These forums where after all designed for us all to learn, share information and "have a little fun while were at it"
  24. Just an old term used for a lighter brown colored oxblood.
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