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  1. Man what a score, very nice, well done, worth the early bird hour's.
  2. One of the ribbon core's i have( it's pretty scratched up) was on it's way out when I seen a glint of light in it. I pulled out my loupe and was more than surprised to find 6 or 7 good sized chunk's of mica in it. Not a common find so i'm keepin it around a while. You're right, if the sun hadn't been out I never would've seen the glint from the mica, thank's for droppin in man.
  3. I don't mean to mislead anyone in my post's. I've just been taught the wrong thing by people who thought they knew the right answer. I am grateful for this forum and a chance to learn the actual truth behind the history of theses marble's and the companies that produced them, the way's and mean's of a hobby I enjoy very much. It's to bad the glass wasn't compatible in the furnace marble's, some very beautiful marble's, I'll have to dig a little harder !!
  4. Well there's the clarification I was lookin for, at least I was in the right family of marble's. Thank you Ron.
  5. Whadya ya think mine is Al ?? fit's the description but !!
  6. I know it appear's to be air bubbles but believe me there is more than a moderate amount of av present, I'll try and get a better pic. I have aventurine in several of my joseph coat's but only in a few other handmade's.. Under mag. the av in this one is really quite heavy but very fine, "a touch of blue" present in the green stripe's only. Have mica in two of my ribbon core's but they're so scratched up that's the only reason I kept them.
  7. Well I knew it wasn't a hot heel's, hence the picture of one but I didn't know it was in the hot wheel's family, thank's cheese, I stand corrected.
  8. This mibb just barely make's 9/16th's look's to be some kinda bacon, or a near relative thereof. I couldn't capture it in the photo's but the red is a near blood red, w/ the orange stripe's also being much more prominent. It really stand's out among a bunch of other mib's. Wish I could find a good bacon, until then I am content w/ this one and the pseudo small strip on one side.
  9. Thank's for the info Ron, I knew I held onto those for a reason, I've got another beat up one some where around, will post when I find, Alley also I believe.
  10. Chad G.


    Went to my p.c. today and halfway through the appt. passed another stone. Supposedly the last one was Sunday ??. Yes I would hope to come into agreement with you and say "that was the last one" I hope to the Lord the ordeal is over, thank you for your concern.
  11. Chad G.


    Passed a huge stone yesterday , i was scheduled for surgery ( since the first one didn't work ), which was cancelled and after 15 day's of what i would have to consider beyond the average pain am feeling well, thank the Lord.
  12. I've had 2 of this type the other one had clear glass w/ some blue riding alongside the oxblood, same seam running down both side's, I was always told they where Akro that's why I posted, hoping to learn some history ??
  13. What a wild piece Bruce, never seen anything like it before !!
  14. Here's a pic of a champion hotwheels,an opaque base mib. similar to the mib I have except for the base glass.
  15. The color's on the mib I have in the pic. continue through and swirl around inside the marble, I know not the best example but never the less not a hotwheels but a furnace marble. " CORRECTION "( sorry for the mislead Bruce ) The marble I have pictured is not a furnace mib, but a "red cloud" thank you Ron for setting thing's straight.
  16. Gramp's showed me in 2 second's go ahead on, I can't remember!!
  17. Yes !! a most excellent example, Champion agate made these mib's , You probably got confused by the wide variation in the swirl's and color's, but it sure look's like your getting the hang of it, fracture's are very common on these mib's, don't let that detour you, . personally if I had a marble like your's even w/ fracture's I'd keep it anyway "Nice mib Bruce"
  18. Man, very nice, someday hopefully I will also have such a diverse bunch, nice show Al.
  19. Thank you all for your input and time. Akro is also what I came up w/ just wanted to make it unanimous.
  20. Hi Al, I even like the "common one's " the variety is so widespread there's no telling what color combo's they came up w/.
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