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  1. Thanks Roby, I though it to be a regular Indian until I got home and put the light to it, a pleasant surprise. Better than getting home to the usual pitting or undetected fleas I missed because I didn't bring my glasses or loupe.
  2. Definitely Halloween colors, nice job Ric !!! Don't feel like the lone ranger over half these posts were made after Halloween, At least a good effort was made.
  3. Here's the new pic of the maglite Indian, and the av. in the tri stage, sorry for the blur I didn't have my glasses on. I have a ribbon core with mica, but it's so beat up you can only see it when you put it in a glass of water, guess I can go ahead and do it and post the pic, I believe it's around 1.25, mica is quite rare in the ribbon, complex, solid and latticinio mibs, generally anything but a mica it's a rarity. If you collect old German handmades you know what I mean. Well I took the water pics, made a mess and the mica didn't show very well. I'll still post later.
  4. I call that a monochrome, two shades of the same color. Also seen in blue. Some of Alley's original marbles. They started out making gaming marbles like a lot of mib companies did, I throw away nothing and go through everything w/ a fine toothed comb. This one 2 or 3 akro ox bloods and a lot of masters were found in a half of a 5 gallon bucket I went through. I posted this marble on A.A.M. and Ron S. said he'd never heard that name before either. Here's the definition I got the name from. and some more pics of the mib. I always look through all my gamers w/ a bright light. They're not worth much to my knowledge but I sore like em. A beautiful marble in hand, much more of a deep red. Taking a pic of this to get the flame pattern to show was a nightmare, ended up using a 13 watt. 5000 k daylight bulb. "Thanks for the inquiry Jess" I might as well put it here to, another flame I just got. Purple w/ a white base. I tried 3 different bulbs to bring it out, but believe me it's purple, both sides have coverage. My favorite for now !!
  5. I still use it, "I can't resist" Wish they still made things to last like that one. It must have thousands of hours on it, a couple hundred from me, and still doesn't miss a beat. The metal on it is twice as thick as on my car. I gotta find some of that popcorn, cotton candy, and beer sausage scent so I can really be in the moment. Sure was a fun time !!!
  6. They all look pistachio colored to me "Bruce", I really like the "Akro's" and the Pelts, Ahh I like em all, who am I tryin to kid.
  7. Oh !! I just know the person they got it from, that's a very intricate pattern, a great marble, not that many come around lookin like that one "Good trade" Chuck. I missed that one by less than a day. Here's a pic of it before it was sold to the other person, you'll see what I mean. Same as your pic # 1, a little different angle. That'll teach me to procrastinate.
  8. Indian maglite w/ the common green transparent base glass and a ghost core and a few filaments also, still just a ghost core. I've taken a superb underlit picture of this marble I will download later, sorry for the graininess in this one !!
  9. Looks like somebody sold Jack a some " magic beans " looks almost on purpose
  10. " Very nice mibs Jess" Thanks for sharin the pix !!
  11. I did the same here Dink till someone corrected me I was null to the fact there was a difference. I even made a post on that very thing in "marble I.D.'s" under the thread heading of "CAC's." please if you have anything to add I'm game, I don't collect CAC myself and any info you have would be of interest to me !!
  12. " Nice mibs Chuck " That first calig. looks strangely familiar !! I think you got me by one day on that one. I know, close only counts in horse shoes and . . . . . . .
  13. Yellow glass one is 29/32nds. The purple glass double razor ribbon core is 19/32nds a much deeper purple than seen, I used an extremely bright light in that pic, a few fleas but I kept it anyway for color and core rarity, the green one is 9/16ths, the large tri stage is 29/32nds, the green stripes are covered with dust like blue and silver av. and separate from the orange striped white solid core ( the visible air bubbles are bigger than the av. in the green stripes) I will get some macros of the blue it shows up pretty well. The Indian maglite has some solid white and yellow striping on the outside of the ghost core 23/32nds. A 25/32nds Joseph coat 2/3rds covered with aventurine. The purple glass one does have quite a few fleas but I kept it anyway, I just like it. The others are all clean. I am in the process of taking some better pix and resizing, pls. forgive the collage look. Don't worry there are still people around who like handmades, me for one. I just took some new ones of the av. in the complex core and the striping on the ghost core in the indian, I'll submit later, they came out surprisingly well for free hand. Setting up is a chore for me, my hands are both partially numb.
  14. I don't know Bruce, a hard question, I will just state that my favorites are Peltier & Alley in that order, then everything else. I like all marbles, many I have aren't worth $1.00 or $2.00 but still hold great value to me as one I got from a good friend that passed and several others as gifts. My most preciouse marble I wouldn't sell for anything I got from my Mom when I was 10. You can barely tell what it is she played it so much, an aqua slag, I think it's a pelt but I'm no absolutely sure. Not worth a plug nickel to anyone else, priceless to me. I just collect what appeals to my eye, evidently marble collectors all seem to have similar vision. Chad G. Here's a pic of my most prized marble I got from my Mom when I was 10.
  15. Quite the thread you started Bruce !!
  16. The four color cork is outstanding, the orange and yellow also a great mib, heck I like em all. Thanks for sharing your pix. !!!
  17. A lot of people consider master a dull marble. Not so for me, some of the brightest colored marbles I have are masters they just didn't make an abundance of them like everyone else.
  18. A great Alley, I have one almost like it, not quite as much av. though, that's a thick one.
  19. 6 finger may be simple but not common, you have some killer examples and in some good colors. All I have is one generic green.
  20. nice akro's, love the uv real uv popeye !! good mib, as well the brown in the cork Thanks for sharing the mibs.
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