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  1. Good find !!!!!!!!!!! In the box even better !!!!!!!!!!!! beautiful mibs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Yeah 1st one looks like that bad guy on spider man, gives me the creeps !! 2nd one looks like somethin bad happened?? Guess I'm not afraid of talkin to my marbles, it's when they start talkin back's when I'll get a little nervous !! Seriously, I really like the first one Bill, and yes it is a little scary 😲
  3. A red face, Hey you got the whole army goin !! great job "Boris"
  4. That paperweight looks like a marble called an oily, has that same look.
  5. There is a glass maker that puts Human or pet remains in glass marbles, pendants etc. Called Spirit Pieces, here's the link if you want to check it out for a family member or much loved pet, I found it years ago. https://www.spiritpieces.com/?gclid=Cj0KCQiAy579BRCPARIsAB6QoIYMa7f3Zjuqm_aaUchtl8CtsD7QEQP9V4Fp7butBvs_8nBnkvQAIfwaAobQEALw_wcB
  6. I never would have had a clue Dink !!
  7. Ha !! Ha ! Ha ! Hope you are doing well tonight my friend ??? I watched that movie. "Pretty good" Better than a lot of the trash they have on T.V. now !!!
  8. OOp's I forgot this one !!! Look's familiar Ehh !!
  9. Must be another double post, it's ok, I've done it before to !!!!!!!!!!
  10. You're picture didn't come through Boris, Just text, Please resubmit.
  11. Yes Roby, Veiligglas made a lot of the shooter size with a limited number of the smaller ones, I have 2 smaller 5/8ths around somewhere but I would have to look. Thank you for getting back to me so soon Chad
  12. Man !!! Great collection my friend, Thank you for sharing them !! Are these all bigger ones ?? What size are they ???
  13. Chad G.

    CACs ?

    The road and tunnel, can you see it ???
  14. Chad G.

    CACs ?

    Your welcome Roby !!! Chad
  15. Chad G.

    CACs ?

    Slags where made of left over glass, one reason there is so many of them I suppose. No matter the company slags are made of a clear base w/ white swirls. MF Christensen is the only one I know of that is opaque or semi opaque in nature the hand gather type. Hard for me to identify hand gathers they all look very similar to me no matter the manufacture.
  16. Chad G.

    CACs ?

    Yes in my experience anyway, the CAC slag is more common than the other CAC's. This one is 13/16ths exactly, the biggest CAC I have, very wet mint. Not necessarily larger but yes slags are more common. The other CAC slags I have are all around 5/8ths, give or take.
  17. Thanks for the info Ron Off to the folder for future reference. Lots of different mibs in those pics, I just picked out what I was reasonably secure in identifying and left the rest to someone else. Thanks again. Even if it's a repeat what better way to remember !!! Too much info is never enough. Chad G.
  18. Chad G.

    CACs ?

    Yes you're correct. Alot of the CAC marbles are smaller, 9/26ths to 5/8ths, there are larger examples but are not as common. The Germans are as you say mostly larger, " correct " Both still beautiful marbles. You see I fixed the picture now you can see it ???
  19. A very nice handmade case Roby, I like it !!
  20. A little better pic showing the wooden launching knob and the mib return lever on the left, still rolls over and keeps score, goes from 0 to 500 pts. in 10, 20, 30, and 40 point increments, just like the baseball rolling game at the fair when I was a kid, works perfect. I sure wish they still made things to last like this, not a feasible money maker now a day's I suppose "to bad" like Ron said " toys then were made to last, and last they did. I could throw this thing off my porch without much appreciable damage. A great toy with many a fond childhood memories for me !!
  21. Nice pulls Roby, I to have taken a liking to Veiligglas. " Thank you for the pictures "
  22. Gonna be a nice bunch in my folder when they're all named and photo'd, my Heaton folder only used to consist of a few dozen known bland pics, now an ever-growing plethora of beautiful marbles, " a very productive little set of digs " that unearthed a good quantity of new marbles. Thanks again to all who were part of the adventure, a great part of history that may have been buried forever. Chad G.
  23. I vote Vitro as well, I have one like that one, mines not shooter size only 5/8ts but it is in with my Vitro. Here's a pic of a few similar Vitro's along with it for you to make some I.D.'s with Boris.
  24. I'm really surprised they weren't more popular, But the limited use of their av. and cost at the time I'm sure played a big part in it. Some of these marbles more than likely never seen full production, either that or a very limited run.
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