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  1. It's a Jabo, not sure how they made em, they got the oxblood to dive in and out of the marble somehow, I know oxblood usually floats on hot glass the same as metals. They called this run the "09 Joker ll 3/4" oxblood floaters run. I was sent almost every marble from the run by a good friend. I really like your "Veiligglas wire pulls", always been a favorite of mine, especially the ones with a good flame pattern. Hard to find not beat up. Made in Amsterdam I think ??
  2. Man Roby, this post is getting long, eh!! by the way you have a lot of mibs common there and hard to get here, as I'm sure the same is true for you as well ???
  3. So there's 11, I don't have a pic of 10 of them.
  4. Ya got mw Roby, I only have one veiligglas !! Harder to find good ones here !!
  5. A very good friend of mine sent me examples of almost every one of the 2009 Joker 2, 3/4" run, Thought I'd share some pics, new to me and very beautiful floating oxblood and av. mibs.
  6. Finally took some pics of the new arrivals, I like the old classic patterns on my pelts. Received some new polymers also, took a pic of 1. sorry for a little blur, freehand again. These are all wet 9.8, anything you see is a reflection, I looked them over closely before $$$$ The old and new side by side !!!!!!!!!!! 19/32nds & 21/32nds
  7. master or foreign on the other, need another pic of seams ??
  8. Only have about 10 or 15 old ribbon and patch and a few hybrid's, never would have guessed, thanks Chuck a new one for me.
  9. Akro !! I need to take some more pics Roby !
  10. Yeah !! time for a new one, go ahead Roby, I'm having hard time thinking of a new thread !!
  11. A dark stormy winters day in the woods !!!
  12. My favorite handmades "10 cool coats"
  13. Very nice Roby, I collect metalics also, a great bunch of marbles man, some of those I've never seen anything like them, thanks for sharing the pics !!!
  14. The clear white pelt slags are very very rare, I believe yours to be just another type of "swirl" not peltiers. Non feather white pelts slags are very hard to I.D. Chuck G. is much more versed than I am on them, maybe mess him or wait for someone else to chime in. Chad G.
  15. Here's an opaque Alley Bonnie, several companies made corals, the transparent like you have where identified as CAC until they discovered them at the St. Mary's Alley location. I find all corals very beautiful mibs, especially the clear base like yours !!
  16. yellow and white Alley, red and blue flame "nice" CAC, purple and white 9 slag MFC judging from the 1 pic, the green and yellow swirl I would say CAC but their swirls were generally straight opaque, no clear swirls in the mib. the clear swirls making me have some doubts, the orange and white swirl I'm out on.
  17. I see a angel fish in a coral reef in this one !! ( I just had to do it, hope you all get a chuckle out of it )
  18. I see a duck, no beak but when I see it I think duck !!
  19. A definite pelt. thanks for the pics, a good keeper, "uncommon" I personally like the rooster tail pattern even compared to the busier patterns. A few of the ones I have now. just started on them after selling my collection in 09, then all my pelt slags where rooster tails, I'll post some old pics as well. Some from my old collection !! The rooster tail pattern I love, there are much better examples but as you all know a matter of perspective and personal choice. This one w/ this pattern also vhtf, from my 09 auction, a uv. onyx w/ what I call a banded pattern. I haven't seen one w/ this pattern and in wet condition like this since.
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