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Letter Of Provenance For The Jabo Tribute Last Dance Run


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Sent: Fri, 19 Dec 2008 1:30 pm



Just so you have the story right on the 2008 experimentals I felt that you

should have the first post . Joanne Argabrite, Steve Sturts and muself ( Dave

McCullough) had a meeting concerning Mike Johnson and Steve Sturtz book on Jabo

in late 2007. Jabo had already decided that due to the economics of producing

Classics that the Co. would not be making any in 2008. Mr Strutz mentioned the

possibilty of time sharing the machines with investors putting up the cost of

runs. This was the beginning of the 2008 experimental runs.

The rest is documented history now with the last experimental run being done, as

agreed to earlier in the year, with the group of investors that has been


I hope all have had some joy out of being a part of Marble History and once Jabo

has a chance to decide the future of the Classics I will let you know. At this

time there will be no more contract runs. Jabo is in the process of looking into

a 24hr. run of each 5/8" 3/4" and 1" Classics for 2009 and would hope to sell

them from the Co. through a group of sales persons who had invested in the 2008

experimentals. Hope this might help to understand the process Jabo has been

going through.

I would like to thank ALL the investors for the great times I have had in

producing these runs and Hope that all has some good memories.

Thank You


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I sent Al Rasmus some of the info about this Last Dance run,concerning the added Alley chalkie mix. Maybe he will add it here and save me the typing.

I will be away from any computer,until Jan 2,09.

Nice marbles,good run,Great people and a wonderful time again at the Jabo factory.


Ron S.

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Here is what wvron sent me about 'The Last Dance':

I will be off work on vacation until Jan. and no computer access,until early Jan.

It was another great run at Jabo,as with all in 2008. Some info that may have not got spread yet. This final 2008 run included original L.E. Alley glass batch mix (not cullet) from 1933-1936. We were hoping for some chalkie marbles,but for several possible reasons none showed. Five gallons of the original bad batch glass mix from the Alley Pennsboro location was added to the Jabo tank at the start and various times. I had saved this from the auction a few years ago at the old Alley site. This was the correct time to put it to use. When Dave McCullogh confirmed it was a batch mix,he asked where from and then said lets run it,and we did. This batch mix was in the building which contained the many left over chemicals,and under the trash in one drum was Alley marbles and what turned out to be some chalkie marbles,with some of the left over unused bad batch mix. Dave,s thoughts were that it probably contained to much felspar,sand or to much of both. Steve Sturtz and Bill McCaleb have pictures of the mix being added to this run. Thanks to Dave McCullogh,Bill McCaleb and Bruce Burkhart (triker) for the encouragement and help in making this all possible. Some marbles from this run also contain lutz or goldstone. Machine made lutz marbles thanks to the engineering and work of Dave McCullogh and Sammy Hogue. Thanks goes to the three who conceived the idea of these special runs. Thanks to Jabo,its operators and everyone involved in all of these special runs of 2008. Nice marbles but most of all, many,many memories.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all

Al, you can post the above if you like. My finger is tired and i am out of time.


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I am very complimented and thankful for David's posting such a nice letter and telling all what really happened and how the "time sharing" "experimental" runs came about.

Now that the Tribute "Last Dance" run is over and hence the end of the Jabo Classic Experimental Runs of 2008, I feel comfortable in making some observations and telling some things I have been told.

I am very pleased for JABO and David since the experimentals helped keep the doors open for another year and kept a few American jobs on shore. These runs met our first goal of keeping the machines running. More importantly, from the perspective of a marble collector, the marbles made in these runs have set a new standard of excellence in many arenas ( oxblood, mica, aventurine, # of colors per marble, and lutz). Each run has a few great marbles. There were less than 1,500,000 made so they are all very rare. Most machines can produce over 1,000,000 in a week. Over the short term, the market may seem flooded to some, but over the long term, there were not enough for each marble collector in America to own one!

As each run approached, both David and I were like expectant fathers, nervous and then proud as each "glassy eyed gal" fell into the lehr.

At 5AM the morning of our last run, David and I sat in the trailor and had a very quiet conversation about the year of the experimentals. He is very pleased with his work and results (he should be), is very thankful for the financial participation of so many patrons of the arts, and as always gives most of the credit to God.

He said "OH God!" with a huge smile to my last sentence to him at the end of the conversation. It was..."David, I have an idea, let's get a few folks togehter and...."

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