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Earliest Known Akro Box


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I'll be reorganizing the Akro pix thread in the study hall into more of a chronological order "soon". This one will be going to the top of the thread. Usually I simply add examples to the thread without fanfare. But some are too special to hide away without notice.

The earliest known Akro box, plus an early Akro ad. At this point Akro was selling MFC's under their label. . . . (p.s., note the Akron address)

(click pix to enlarge - might need to double click for full size)







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The Dumping Sandy is not a marble motion toy but one that works with sand , the Akro box was just inside as a free give away when you bought the Dumping Sandy . Mike


Thanks for the inspiration to learn about Wolverine's marble-powered toys.

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Thanks for clearing that up. I was confused about whether the Akros were in the Dumping Sandy, or in another Wolverine toy which came with the Dumping Sandy.

It was still fun to read about the marble motion toys. :-)

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Were any of those marbles in that ad made by Akro yet, or did that reflect an expanded MFC line?

In M.F. Christensen and the Perfect Glass Ball Machine, Cohill says Akro had had a successful test of their new (pirated) machines in the fall of 1914. They were able to practically duplicate MFC's marbles. Did they immediately go into production after that test? It sounds as if that was the case, and the competition forced Christensen to make some changes.

MFC's pricelist for Jan. 1, 1914 has six types: National Onyx (Brown Onyx and Green Onyx), Royal Blue (Cobalt Blue Onyx), American Cornelian, Persian Turquoise, and Oriental Jade. If I read correctly, that was their line until September 1915, when they introduced their White Onyx.

So did Akro really have a White Onyx in 1914 as advertised? Did they beat MFC to it?

And what about the Golden Yellow?

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