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Strange Looking Clown?

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It has all the right colors but not the usual pattern. I don't have an issue with him calling this a clown, although clown variation or blended clown might be more exact. It's not like the bottom will drop out of the clown market from the introduction of this type, since this is the only one I have seen. To me this is like the difference between MK spiderman and blended spiderman. It's not as pretty as mainstream clowns imo.

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You guys are right to put me to task on this one. I should have used the "blended" aspect in the title. I state that in the description, but can't go back and add it in the title without completely ending the listing. Also, I can't really say why bidding is as fierce as it is because most Mint "classic" Clowns as of late are bringing $20-25. In hand, it's IMO more attractive than a "classic", and that may explain the interest.



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Clowns are never on opaque black it is always a transparent green. Many are very dark green which looks black but some are less dark and appear transparent.

Oh contrair> I have 2 small Clowns that are opaque. I held them every light

I had. The base glass would not let light thru.

And the larger one is also.

Also Al from Oregon had one for sale. He had a higher than average starting price.

I missed the end of the auction & tried to get it for the opening bid.

He still has it.

Also orange orbital, just sold a blue based one.


They are RHTF.


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Yes it would be a magnifying glass, but on second thought that's a stupid idea. Very sorry I suggested it. If the spot is too focused it could cause localized heating with disasterous results.

I have a very bright cool light used on a microscope but I don't expect you to have one. You could try holding yours up to direct sunlight at least, and you should see a little bit into it.

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It's been a long time (well over a year) since I had anything for sale on eBay (if it was eBay that you were referring to). By the way, don't mix me up with Rich who is 'Marbles from Oregon' on eBay.

Sorry Al, my bad.

it was on e bay & it is Rich.

Like I said it was a long time ago.

I see your name here a lot & that's what my brain told me

to say.


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