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Looks Like Lace, What Could It Be..........

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Hello everyone,

I am hoping that this is something good, it has the characteristics of CAC and master, what do you think? 5/8, baby blue with a touch of green on an amber base.

Thanks in Advance!


Christensen and a damn good one. good luck

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well, i hate jumping in on difference of opinions but i think there is a few people out there that is confused about what is being called a blue lace, as there should be, i think someone has named a few mibs by the way they look as oposed to the manufactures original name, there has been different views on what is supposed to be a blue lace, the photo below is the one i had that someone name it a blue lace, but i have seen christensen's with a totaly different design that other say is the real blue lace, i think the name was given by a collector other than an actual name to a specific marble by the manufacture, steph might be able to help out with that info, but ive never seen a name put on any box by ca calling a mib a blue lace,, good topic to discuss,,, bj


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Ok,here is why Griff thinks its master,and not cac.

1-The "feathering" of the color.

2-The "V" shaped shear mark on the poles.Typical of master made.

3-The base glass is dark brown,transparent,not a light amber,transparent.

4-The blue and green,bleeding together.

5-Haveing blue and green.

I think you can see all 5 in this photo.


I guess it doesnt matter that I have dug the cullet,at master made,with the exact color combos.

There are 2 types of "blue laces" that I know of.I only use the "blue Lace" name,for christensen,even though there were,"West Virginia" swirls,produced,that look almost,identical.

One is what you typicaly see in a striped transparent,with 2 seams.Light amber,almost honey colored,transparent based,with opaque baby blue.

The other type,is in a random,swirl form,with the same,honey,transparent base with opaque baby blue.

Here are a couple picture of a couple of halves,I dug,myself,at the christensen site,in cambridge.



Im interested in hearing why you think its christensen,Marie,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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great info griff,, buck i think we are really talking about a difference between a striped transparent and a snotty that have been called the same thing, heck they both look like quite literally like blue shoe lace one more than the other but both are nice examples, the same name for two mibs is where the fight breaks out, lol,the first mib or the original mib you ask about doesnt seam to have the horseshoe and that cut line is close to your striped trans-the real one,,, i think griffs digging and sharing info is brilliant, two ways to find out info on older mibs, one is packaging the other is the dump sites,, despite the differences they are both killer mibs, can we agree on that,, that exotic or sub whichever name you have on that cool mib,is da bomb, you have some great rollers there buck, thanks for the eye candy,,, bj

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Thanks big john, I agree the original post is probably master... the colors were just so odd and have never seen the striping go so far down the "cut" on a master before. I think our later examples are what most christensen collectors agree as being the so called "lace"


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Im just sharing what Ive seen,first hand,come out of the dirt,

and identify the marble maker.

Kind of have to watch the "original packaging",without some kind of previous documentation.

Its too easy,to switch marbles around.

I know of a couple of "them",out there,that would do it,just for the sake of an arguement,or for the almighty dollar,,,,,,,,,,

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