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Guess Whose Birthday It Is?

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Thanks Leroy!!!! Bo threatened me with 58 lashes with a wet noodle if I told! Why 58???? Maybe the same number of years the big guy's been around!

Happy Birthday Bo! Send me the brown and black popeye and you'll feel so good for giving on your birthday and not receiving!


p.s. it is indeed the 9th! ;)


Happy Birthday Bo Stiff even though I'm not sure of the exact date, but I believe it's the 9th and I hope you have plenty more. ----Leroy----
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Thank you to all of you.

Sure is nice to know you have as many friends in so many different places and walks of life as I do.

57 it is this year and no holding back.

Here's to hopefully seeing everyone at least once this coming year.

Thanks again!!!!

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