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I like them Mike! If you could take the color ribbons of the third one over in the second post, and twist it up like the first two of the second post, I may have to have it! lol How much are you selling your mibs for these days? I am not in a good financial position at the moment, just like most Americans today. But, if you can make one like I described above, and I could swing it, I would love to have one. PM me and let me know please. Thanks! God Bless Mike, and Keep up the awesome work!!

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You are most kind, John. Bullseye has a deep dark blue aventurine now, but it's a little tricky and bubbles easily.

I love pate-de-verre, but it sure is a bitch to do, and very frustrating. Tommy was actually supposed to be a portrait of Boyce's son, Patrick; but his nose came out way wrong, so I built a window for him to peek through that covered his nose, and called him Tommy, instead.

thanks a bunch John,


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Isn't that the "gift"?

To be able to work with what is given to oneself?

You did quite well with what you were given to work with.

The story of "Billy" only adds to the luster of your work.

I'd love to listen more to what you went through to make the "pansy dish".

Maybe I'm weird, but I enjoy listening more about the journey than the accomplishment.



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We better not get into the pansy dish here, this is a marble board after all, and that could be a long story.

"In Evan's Garden" might be a longer story. I'll try to figure how to get ahold of you. Want a free marble ?

thanks John,


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Thank you Lou and RJ.

John, you make me blush. I've certainly forgotten more than I ever knew, but I'm just a stoner doofus for reals. I'll get back to you later, after I bring the kids to school, and do the post office and help my son Evan with one of his fused glass projects.

thank you,

mikey b.

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Mike, you are doing great work. And there is nothing wrong with the above, for reals. Some of my best idea's come during my exploration of the universe. And it helps with the constant pain. You keep up the great work! I love your color selection! I do have a torch but I still need to get regulators and gas along with a few tools. Then it's off to some lessons, lol. Any chance you are going to Vienna this year? It's still a maybe for my wife and I but hopefully we can pull it off. God Bless Mike!

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