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Steph is correct about Alley Agate making dishes. I own a set of them that I received when I was about 6 years old. Alley made small glass animals too.

Fenton marbles weren't made by Fenton. they were made with Fenton cullet. I once bought marbles at Pilgrim Glass. JABO used Pilgrim cullet and made marbles with it and Pilgrim stocked them and sold them in their gift shop. Still have those too.

Peltier made other things too, not just marbles. I have some advertising paperweights they made and I have a couple of toothpick holders.

Back in the 90's I bought a "fireball" made by Peltier. It's a two piece votive candle holder shaped almost completely round. I don't think it's very old, probably made early 90's or late 80's.

Lots of decorative glass came out of Kokomo.


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Alley made two different types or style of childrens dishes,one named Chiquita and the other was Orphanie Annie. Some people still list and say these were made by Akro. But is has been well proved that they were made by Alley at Pennsboro and St.Marys sites. Proved by,found digging, Alley paper documents,workers at both locations,etc. The Chiquita dishes or sets are not real difficult to find,the orpah annie dishes or esecially sets are rare to see. The most difficult thing to find is a Chiquita boxed set that contains the plastic silverware that was included with some sets (which i have). The most rare is finding a Chiquita set with the silverware and a tablecloth. I know from the family and past Alley workers that there was a plastic Chiquita tablecloth with some of the sets. I am still looking for that. Now i have give some more away but maybe someone else will find one someday. Both boxed sets of dishes came in different sizes or number of dishes included in the box. Alley also made many of the glass cups that were in the old Tiddley Winks game sets. These were clear,opaqued swirled with marble colors,some translucent or transparent colored glass. As before Alley made glass moon balls,radio antenna insulators,glass animal figures. Etc,Etc.

Fenton Glass has never had a marble machine or made any marbles. They have supplied Fenton cullet to companies to make marbles for them to sell,in the past and recently with Marble King. Fenton has always been a major supplier of cullet to Jabo and most of the old WV marble companies.

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and the little ones also say .. thanks for the nice comments. and hopefully, one more time of enjoying the best of marbling to me ... the people and places ... :Happy_457: .... bill


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