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Where's The Love?

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Apparently I need to open up my loving arms and squeeze the room. Some until they stop breathing. :Cartoon_177: Just kidding.

now whats all that about Brian? you can squeeze me, but not that hard. i always need hugs.


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Well if the rules are to provide pix of the actual bosses of the house and not pre-captioned internet cuties, here are two of the people I answer to, Joe and Brother, from 9 years go.





(Their companion has passed away since then. Moment of silence for the best Batweasel there ever was.)


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This is Katie, the kitty I raised from 3 weeks old. She loved me so much that she obsessed and ripped open my arms or ankles when she wasn't getting all my attention. She attacked when I talked on the phone, worked on marble boxes, read, paid attention to Weldon, etc. she was a heartache. When she attacked me in Feb. on the back of the hand and later on the ankle, I knew Weldon was right. Katie had to go. My choice was a new owner or have her euthanized. i searched for 2 weeks for a new owner and a friend at church found one. Katie never bit anyone but me. she now lives with 2 men, a father and son, and she has adapted and is not biting anybody. the move was good for her and excellent for me. I grieved over giving her up for over a month. I had asked the new owner to let me know how she was doing. I didn't hear for 4 1/2 weeks. The news was good and I began to get over her. The next day I had a call from our vets office. They had a kitty for me.


this is Miss Bronson. She is the same age as Katie and half her size, full grown. She has taught me what cats should be like. She doesn't bite or scratch. When she plays and swats, her claws are in. She's the most loving cat I've ever known. (I haven't known many, always was a dog person) the horse vet gave her to me, saying she needed more attention. There were 3 cats, 3 dogs, horses, and chickens at her old house. She never got enough attention because 2 of the cats were diabetic and the other one had a mangled jaw and had to be fed soft food by hand. It was another case of best for the cat and best for me. She's a real love.

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This is a GREAT thread! Keep it going! :)

Edna, I'm glad you found a new home for your obsessed kitty instead of having her "put to sleep".

I've never heard of a "batweasel" cat...is that an actual breed, or something you made up?

That Bongo looks huge! What does he weigh?

And Willie looks too fat to move.

Love the look "Chance" has on his/her face :)

Just a note about my kitty. He's the sweetest cat you could ever find. Never bites or scratches, except once in awhile he forgets to keep his claws in when he's being playful. I hope he'll be with us for another 13 years!!

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"The Batweasel" was my husband's name for a skinny little boy with a bat's ears.


He was Jeanann's only kitten in her last litter. She was the absolute queen of the house. I pretended to mind. She was still kittenish when she died at age 20. Here's a pic of her at her prime.


We also allow cats of lighter colors into the house, in spite of how hard it is to deal with all those different colors of cat hair on our good clothes. (Black isn't too hard to work around! LOL) . Our last housemate is Kedo.


I am Kedo and I do not see any black cats.

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Since you're so nice to specially remark on everyone else's kitties, let me say how distinctive Big Boy's black whisker spots look. Handsome lad. :-)

We've had a variety of aggressiveness and ragdollness in our house. We've been fortunate enough to be able to work around the differences. We still have relatively young skin, though Jimmy has diabetes and I'm a little concerned about how it heals. We sweep up broken china when cats are too rambunctious. And I hold Kedo's paws steady when he's feeling cuddly -- as his attitude can change in a flash and noses suffer. <_<

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LOL Ain't they just! It's so fun to have two little ones together! They're a laugh riot. Almost makes me want more. I think I better go hug my 9-year-old bebbes now before I start having unfaithful thoughts!

p.s. I suppose we could bear to look at a few dogs too ... if any are brave enough to show their mugs ....

Speaking of bears .... it's bear foot weather you know .....


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First two are of Bootsie, who departed on June 25, 1994, at 7 years old. He was a Maine Coon. He had no less than 30 different kinds of meows, and I knew what all of them meant :)

Next one is Misty, who is 12 years old, and is Big Boy's niece. She is the indoor cat, he is the outdoor cat. Whereas he is a lap cat all the way, she barely tolerates being touched most of the time.

Big Boy with Penelope, his sister, who mysteriously disappeared without a trace, on June 30, 1999, after we heard a single terrific screech in the middle of the night. No body was ever found, and we looked everywhere.

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