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A Refreshing Thread!!!!!!!

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Dang, he's almost as cute as my cats. Bet he's almost as fun too. lol ;)

Now I want one! A marble roller I mean. Grandson is probably not an option considering I don't have kids.

Hey, there's a "more options" button at the bottom of this reply window. What would that do?

Nope, still no grandsons.

I guess I'll settle for a marble roller. :D:P

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Handsome little guy there, Bruce . . . doesn't look anything like you. (JK Buddy!) And neat rollers - I especially like the white and red one. It's great to see that somebody still knows what you're supposed to do with these things - HAVE FUN! Great pics too. Take Care, -Ric

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Are those Ravenswoods or Alleys in the marble rollers? Always good to see the younger set playing with marbles! Had a great time in Vienna, it was a real pleasure to meet you. Hope we can do it again soon.

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