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Contempary Id

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Charles, my first inclination was, it's a newbie due to the slag style used in the making of the marble. Not very much technique showing there.

However, knowing how easy it is to burn goldstone, and there is LOTS of it very close to the surface on this marble, my gut feeling is, "this ain't no newbie".

Whomever made this marble is using a scribe or a dremel to "etch" their initials into the glass. NO signature chip.

The pink/rosy color should be screaming a name @ me because it is just not that common a color being used.

With all that said, I have helped about as much as Stephanie, as I still do not know who signed it.

Miss Edna would be more likely to id than just about anyone else I can think of.

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That signature could be JC or Jr. If none of us have seen the work of this artist, I would guess that's why we don't recognize it. I guess that could be an abbreviation for Junior. It's really a pretty marble. With no date accompanying the sig, that also makes it difficult. I thought the artists might recognize the style. Edna

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The only thing I have close to it (the lavender and goldstone on a transparent base) is an unsigned torch piece that I believe to be (but cannot confirm) a John Hamon Miller. The use of lavender/goldstone is not a common combination among artists.



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The JC's I know of are Jerry Capel, Jason Compagni and Joe Crisanti. I don't know their styles. The names came from the list I was given at GA.

What a great list to have. I'd add James Cooprider (mentioned in an earlier post), but I'm not sure he makes marbles anymore. I haven't seen that much of his work, but what I've seen doesn't resemble the nice contemporary you're trying to ID.

At the risk of starting another "He's in the hospital" thread (let's not! Although that turned into something hilarious), I usually keep an e-bay eye on Anton Bodor's work, although I've only managed to get one mib by him (most are too big for my self-imposed size restrictions -- gotta stop somewhere). But there's been nothing for several weeks. Anybody know anything? Just curious. I'd love to stumble over another small Bodor marble - - -


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