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Columbus Show

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Anyone going to Columbus?

I know Worthington but can remember the address,need help.

I'll get there thursday, it's off of the I-270 loop at the very north end of Columbus, I think it is exit 23 or route 23, maybe both, just a few blocks south of the exit on the right hand side.

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Hi everyone Emmy, Katie and I will be there Wednesday afternoon. the address is 7007 N. high st. Worthington, Ohio. 614-436 0700. there are a few rooms left. I will have over 500 Christensen agates, large assortment of Peltier, Akro, handmade's, Indians, sulphides, bricks, and a whole lot more and more so bring lots of money LOL,LOL,LOL. see ya at the show. cac_mike Please stop and say Hi to little miss Katie she can't wait to see everyone!

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