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Marbles And More Marbles For Sale


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I will be selling a very nice selection of my very best marbles.The sell will take place on Saturday 29th.In Marietta Ohio at the Ricky Dinks Flea Market.This Place is on the westside of Marietta Ohio.So I'm am welcoming any all to come and look at my Display.I will be showing all the special runs at Jobo.And also have some older one from Alley and Champion.Here a few I will have there.Have a very nice day all and be safe aways.

Note: Photos of similar marbles to what I have.




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Hey there! Any way I can get in on this from Albuquerque. How 'bout if I sent say $150 + postage, could you pick some ID'd goodies for me right off the top of the pile of offerings sight unseen? Message me via the MC Board or email me ([email protected]) or call (831) 462-1873 and the check is in the mail tomorrow. I need an address and will of course provide mine. David Chamberlain

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