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Hey Mig !

Pretty kewl stuff....3,4 and 5 !!! I like the way you've

twisted outta you're new roll !!!

My exclamations points are an expression of my admiration

I have for Mig's work. This would be because I work with paint.

So it's very easy for me to see the artist talents that are

required when working with and in mediums that change states.

Plus...a keyboard is just a keyboard made outta plastic.

So the exclamations point is the only KEY I have when it comes to

responding without emicons and other STUFF !

Mig.....those are BOMBER !!!

I simply had to RESPOND !

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Big bucks, for reals, Marie, I'm cereal.

Most of my marbles are in the $15-$20 range. You can scope them out on my website, click on the "for sale" button at the top right, and then I have them in different categories on the sale page by size.

Thank you, Marie,


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