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Came With The Alleys...what Do You Think?


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Thanks all, for your help with my previous threads.

These were part of the same collection along with the patches I have listed

on eBay that will end soon. Thanks Ron, for your help with the green/blue patches.

Could these be Alleys also?

Thank you for any help.




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Here's part of the reason I keep toying with Alley on square patches. Pix of dug examples. I think the first pic was taken by David. The 2nd by Sandy. Dunno how square that blue based one David shows is on the other side but it looks square on the side showing.

I'm sure not as many can turn out to be Alley as I sometimes seem to suggest. I'm mainly leaving the door open until I learn more.



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p.s., PPP's don't always have swirly patches. :) (not that I'm voting PPP on Burt's)




I didn't think about that Steph. I actually have a couple Pelts that have more "Square" type patches. I just always think Akro for this type of patch, and more of a random type design with the Peerless patches.

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The Alley Agate Sisterville group were actually Mike Johnson's marbles and they were dug as I recall. I had the opportunity to have marbles belonging to Mike for about a half year period during which I photographed them repeatedly. Some of my first marble photographs. The neat thing about the 15+ company marbles he provided me with is that he did it in the way of a test. I had to figure out what company they were from although he did provide a coded cheat sheet that I could refer to when I'd made my decisions. I forget exactly how well I did or how bad. This was early on! David

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