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Strange Marble

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I like the Bogard possibility for the bubbles and for the vane color.

Have you tried underwater photos - or just looking at them underwater - to get a good idea of how many vanes and the construction?

I have a few flaring Bogards. I just pulled one out. The vanes have three colors, some more transparent than others. When I put it underwater and look at it it from the top it's pretty cool. I can actually see the flaring vanes retracting and becoming tight and normal looking as I submerge it.

Fun stuff. lol

Edit: I'm unsure whether mine are Bogards or Heatons. I think I might have gotten them under the label of Heaton. But they're related, right?

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I have some crazy Bogards that look like Peltier bananas -- except the base glass is seriously, seriously bubbly (like yours, Jack) and the "bananas" are translucent and fuzzy . . . very wierd "banana" colors too -- one is a slate blue I haven't seen anywhere else. Anybody else have any of these wacky cats?

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Yes, i have several of the Bogard banana cats. A lot of them get very close to Peltier and most people never know the difference. I have one bag of Bogard banana cats with the Heaton header. Several years back,i sent some Bogard bananas to Leroy for polishing. The problem was afterwards he got them mixed and could not seperate them from his Peltier banana cats. He ended up just sending me some back knowing some or all may be Peltier. The Bogard bananas usually have a smaller vane in length and width,plus many times you will notice the seedy glass. Jack sold very few of these,like many of his cats. These banana cats were the most prominet marbles found by most diggers at the Heaton site. Unfortunately most all were left behind because no one had any interest in them at the time. You could have filled a five gallon bucket with these in a couple hours,but a lot were damaged. Jack made one,two color banana,blue and orange vanes. I took a marked display case of these to several shows(including Amana)years ago,and no one even checked them out. I had them for sale at many shows for $1.00 each and never sold a one. So they have stayed at home the last few years. Except,i did take them to the TX show,with much the same reaction. Sometimes it is not worth the effort.

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