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Question About Peltier Purple Tiger

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You rarely come across pure black. Interestingly in the Ravenswood find of 1987 there were some 1" opaque black marbles that came along with all the other marbles in that lot including 3 sizes of beautiful Ruby Reds(9/16"+, 3/4" and 7/8"+), the Orange covered 4 pg. advertising flyer(in quantity), Paul Bunyans(a half doz. varieties and variations), and such. David P.S. Oh yeah, some of the Vitro Anacortes caged cats that appear black are black and that was with new batteries in my Mag Lite.

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I think that most or all black is just a dense saturation of some other dark color. I have a Pelt mulicolor that you would swear has an opaque black base. You have to hold it just right in bright sun to see the "transparent" green base. Same thing with an Akro blue oxblood ashtray I own. You can only see blue if you look very close at one certain spot in very bright sun, otherwise it's black.

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Which color is the base and which the ribbons in this "purple tiger"?

The base is orange, the ribbons are purple or blue!

I have ( ONE ) that has both of those colors.

I bought it in Amana in 95.

Sad thing it is next to impossible to capture the colors in a photo.

There was supposed to be one at the Buckeye Show a while back.

Only I didn't get there to eyeball it.

They are really HTF>


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This marble was at the Buckeye show last year and the year before.

I know this because it is mine.

Yes the base is orange and the bands have a slight purplish ting to them in my opinion.

I had sold it once on the bay and it was returned because it was not purple enough so its all in the eye of the holder.

I purchased it as a purple tiger several years ago and paid big dollars.

It is 21/32" and does have one small flake/chip in the orange unfortunately.

The adventurine is the most I have seen on any "old" marble.

Don't know if this helps or not.

My camera does not take the best close ups but I could try in the sunlight tomorrow (weather permitting)if it helps.


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