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Is Land Of Marbles Forum Down?


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I think Pete got caught by surprise when they upgraded the LOM. He posted that he had not had a chance to look at it yet. I was able to get on after logging in again although the next time I used the old link, I got a 'not authorized' type of message. However, on the lower right of the page, there was a 'navigation' drop down menu and it listed the Round Table and othe forums so you could click there and get on.

Here's a link I am now using:


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just another brainiac fixin something that haint broke....i suppose this puter im usin will finally quit workin if i keep refusin all these upgrades and all the other crap they want me to click on...you finally get one system figured out and its all changed for the better...but it haint...i tried a couple times to get on to lom and it said i was banned.....from what i can see the only thing that you will be able to do is write a blog...that oughta be some earth stopping info ...lolol....

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I tried for about an hour and finally gave up. I know it sure makes me feel stupid because I don't understand all the hoops that they say I have to jump through and after I think I've jumped through them all and try to log in it starts all over again. Pooey on it, I think I can live without that board. ----Leroy----

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Duffy, you most definitely are not banned! email me at marbles AT landofmarbles.com and I will fix you right up. Ditto for anyone having any trouble accessing the forum at all. I upgraded because I understood the new version to have better SpamBot control. Didn't realize it was so radically different, but no need to jump ship!

I don't know why users' bookmarked URL's aren't working - I would think the programmers have enough sense to know never to delete an URL, but apparently not. The forum can always be accessed using the forum text link at the LandOfMarbles.com home page.

The "main" URL is http://www.landofmarbles.com/phpbb/index.php

Again, please contact me with any troubles at all - I won't give up until you are back in and comfy...

Marble On!



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