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Box Making 101

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years ago i used to do a little sheet metal fabrication and lately i needed some small boxes for my marbles. i remembered the box making technique i used in sheet metal and tried cardboard in it's place. the cardboard i use is from dollar tree, 2-22"x28" for $1. picture#1 shows basic layout. the 2 1/2" holds 4- 5/8" marbles and the 3/8" works for the sides and ends. picture #2 shows the bends that you make and the little tabs can be taped or use super glue. picture #3 shows marbles in the box. inside measurements can be changed to fit other size marbles. give some a try, they are quick and easy. thanks, jack




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ive made these boxes before and i found out that if you make the fold of the top on the other side of the mark it fits perfect...that makes the mark the thickness of the material...even a 32nd is too much and makes a sloppy fit...and if you cut little thumb holes on the lid its easy to open

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Oh my Gawd! Do you think you have enough of those Big half 'n' halves?. Geeze! Never seen that many of them since they first arrived at the shows in the 1990s. Dare I ask how many of the corkscrew varieties you have? David

David: I don't have any of the corks. I was offered nine of them by a guy that had similarly accumulated them from Roger. They were the real deal. Back in the day they were offered for $600 each. There is a guy that has been trying to sell one - but seems to have no takers.

I think you and I may be the only Old School types that remember when they were referred to as Half-and-Halves. I haven't heard that term in 12 or so years. :character-smileys-238:

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Give this a try. Find a well built ,inconspicuous box.Get some 1/2" foam and back it with cardboard.I make the holes 5/8".These are not brag boxes but alot of marbles can be stored safely.The white foam shows of the marbles well.




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