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Fwiw, People Do Play With Jabos


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Just saying.

The Stanley-Lapics are major Jabo fans.

Jabos are the marbles used in the local school tournaments in their area. According to Debra, the kids love the colors.

Debra and Whitney's tourney shooters are/include real agates but the marbles featured in the recent articles and interviews about their trip to England were Jabos.

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marbletree1.jpgI can't speak for all kids, but I can speak for kids in Waller and others I've given them too. NOte: I have not given rare ones or lutz marbles to the kids. BUT, I have given them great marbles - JABO's. We have a tree in our driveway that has roots that protrude above the soil. I fill the space between the roots with marbles - JABO's, WV swirls we don't need, catseyes, game marbles - chipped Peltiers and Akros - that sort of marble. Kids pass by here on their way to middle school. They are walking and they can see the marbles. They have learned that we put the marbles there for kids to take. When they mostly disappear, we refill the space. There are some adults who regularly visit the marble tree too. This is what it looked like about a month ago. It's time to refill it.

The young lady is one of our youth from our church. I always tip them off when we put a new batch out. One little boy told me last week that he had been to the tree and filled 3 bags of marbles. He probably did.

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I also know that Jim King donated several boxes of marbles to a marble tournament Cathy Runyan-Svacina was holding. They played with the marbles. Jim was very generous with his marbles. If I remember correctly, it was a last minute request and Jim had to pay overnight shipping costs to get them to the kids in time to be used. Edna

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The children who attend the WVMCC show May 8,will be playing a variety of marble games. They also will be using Jabo and Marble King marbles. The Jabo marbles will be a variety of the special runs from the last couple years. They will all go home with a good selection of Jabo special run marbles. Plus many other marble related prizes. Myself,Dave McCullogh and Walt Mckee will supply the marbles. Kids still like to play marbles,given the chance. The Jabo special run marbles roll fine.

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Sissy very cool idea with the marbles and your tree's roots.

I too give them away. I throw them in the Bocce courts (at the park)across the street from my home.

btw-bocce courts make great place to shoot and play marbles.

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I think I heard my name mentioned :)

We do use Jabo's every year in our marbles programs. We give out approximately 1600 bags to the participants, although with the loss of our 80+ year sponsor, we are giving out a bit less.

When the kids play with marbles that are colorful and interesting, it keeps their attention longer and they want to play. When they are given the bags, the study the coloring in each marble carefully. The give them names....gecko, pumpkin or just make one up, then they trade with others. It's a lot of fun to watch.

For many years I drove to Jabo and picked up about 1000 lbs. at a time. It was quite the site getting all those boxes in a Chrysler Mini Van !! It was definately a low rider and it was interesting going up and down the mountains going back to PA, lol.

It's much easier to teach the children with the Jabo's......it's easy to tell them to shoot at the red and green one, as opposed to the third one from the left.

As stated above we always shoot with an agate or flint, we shoot at the Jabo's as targets....except in the Nationals where they are all solid blue.

We (Whitney and I) do use a Jabo shooter occasionally....like when we shot in the Carribbean Sea...we don't want to lose an agate !! Or when we shot in Bermuda, some places in London and at the Eiffel Tower !! We left Jabo's everywhere we travelled.....they are all over the world !! And we put quite a few in the Carribbean over the years, lol. Everytime we see wet cement being poured, we sometimes ask if we can throw marbles into in.....the guys usually think we're crazy, but they let us do it !!

Sadly, I'm running a bit low on Jabo's, but I'm sure I'll find some more soon !!

I can talk forever on marbles and my interesting, crazy and silly stories....I'd better stop now !!

Debra NMC-73

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