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Scott Patrick

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Scott comes and goes from time to time...

Is this the type of marble your referring to??


I'm not sure who to credit this photo to... It could be Scott, Tom Reed, or myself (I took some pictures of Bev Brule's Birdcage) It's in a file and I didn't note whose it is...

If this is what you mean, I'm convinced that it was Chinese made. During a period of time around the 1930's when a group of Englishmen tried to create a paperweight production in China. They reproduced alot of European and American designs. It seems a few marbles came out of this...

This is far more documented in the paperweight world, than the marble world...

Tom Reed has a note with his that I feel is a very solid provenance to the time and place.

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I'd say that the previous post was pretty much proof positive of SP's contribution to the confusion that exists today. Many years ago I was in Danny Turner's(Running Rabbit Auctions) room when we encouraged this man to sign his marbles. Our argument was that for him it would bring respect and enhance the value of his marbles. At the time Scott Strassburger (sp?) was selling them for something like 2 for $15. Well, you all know how effective that argument turned out to be! David Chamberlain

Edit. In all fairness I should correct the price above. I was putting in vegetables and it came to me that it was 2 marbles for $25, not $15. Let's be fair about this!

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Every Jabo marble pretty much has a signature and that is that they are very much demonstrably Jabo and nothing else. Now if they were into wholesale copying of other marbles which they aren't then I might suggest something like a 'sticker' on each marble....Is anyone believing this and can anyone believe this guy(Galen). Let me get this straight, this is the very same person who asked me this afternoon to ignore his posts and not respond to them. Fat chance of that happening! I swear he becomes more unreal progressively from Thread to Thread. I'm actually somewhat enthralled with whatever he manages to come up with next. I mean, this one was a doozer! David

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