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Marbles Which Exist But Are Rarely Id-Ed . . .


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It just dawned on me that I don't recall ever seeing a marble ID-ed as an Akro Cornelian on the boards. Thought it might be fun to see some of the more obscure mibs folks have.

Cornelians or otherwise.


p.s. here's what Akro said about their Cornelians in 1926, seems like a pretty good pic


(click to enlarge)

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I have just expanded the ad for the Akro Cardinal Reds & Cornelians in this thread. I really enjoyed the colorful and flowing descriptions the copywriter used in the ad that was probably written in 1930 or so. I thought it was good honest hype that was ahead of it's time. The only missing element was sex and a puppy. In another area of this board folks have just started discussing the marketing, selling and value of some marbles. Great copy and a good picture can do a lot to increase the value. I believe that in thirty to fifty years from now folks will be looking at some modern production and saying something about marbles that exist but are rarely ID-ed.

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Thanks Dan. The Akro box pic in the ad looks almost real enough to pick up, but I doubt I would recognize a Cornelian in hand.

Is yours noticeably translucent?

It is opaque. I have seen them range in color from red to dark burgandy with white or yellow swirls. All of the ones I have seen were in the 3/4" range in size.



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I had a cornelian, but sold it long ago. It was confirmed by Les Jones. In his own words, they weren't very attractive (I agree) as they were an opaque red and very plain. I think many are confused by the similarity in spelling with carnelian.

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