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You Dont Understand

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My Message was bent by those who just Vent

The Words that appear are nothing but Clear

First Umbrage you claim and now you Defame

ur vision ic means nothing to me

the drivel u write nothing but tripe

its pity i feel for 1 with such skill lol

_ _ _







_ _ _

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LOL you're absolute right,I don't understand all the words that you write.

I can do as if I understand,

something like the cloths of the emperor.

The words you write sounds pretty,

a bit rhytthm,i like it,although i don't understand.


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Communication requires a sender, a receiver, and feedback. If you receive feedback that your communication failed, how can you blame the receiver?

Go ahead and pity me too, because "its pity i feel for 1 with such skill" sounds like an insult to me. Not that I care. Actually, I don't even know what you are talking about beyond this post. Guess I'm an imbicile for failing to decode your message. Dang.

I probably need to clarify my own words. It may appear that I am angry, but I am not. I just wanted to make a point about communication in general, in the spirit of this topic.

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Thanks the first one was for fun, not as much as I thought (lol)

I made a small change, Now that you know its mine.

You own it, read it that way?

Heres another

before the read, It aint about you or me or here.

Its by me, so I ask you take marbleus1 out of your mind.


To Our Friends Overseas, I bid You a Do

And ask if I may, Understanding from You

New Kid on the Block, We’re Proud of Our Toys

Like all of the Children, We make lots of Noise

This comes from Our Roots, You will Understand

We’re Made of the Best, from All of Your Land

ive even said nother language youd be

if not for the likes of Father and me

As I Look back, was I Slow to the Call

To All of U.S. here, that Matters most All

So Loudly we Play, You pay it no mind

Our Debt Is Still Due, We Pay It In Time

Our Flags they will Differ, how else We Keep Score

Of This Thing I Speak, its DOOR to DOOR

My Family Stands Ready, I Know Yours Does Too

So again let Me say, I bid you Ado


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I do not believe that David is a troll.

He has an interesting perspective. He seems to be endeavoring to get people to think. I perceive his overall goal to be greater cohesion, greater tolerance, and generally improved spirits.

uh, but maybe I misunderstood ;-)

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