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Ot: "undulatus Asperatus".

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This is way off topic, but I thought it was interesting. S.W. Missouri made weather history today. And nobody got hurt or lost a home. We had a strange little storm here this morning, not much of a storm but some weird clouds that haven't been seen before. The U.S. Weather service has named them "Undulatus asperatus". Thought you might like to see them.



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We had some fast storms come through a few days ago. This was something I had never seen before... kinda looks like all that's left of the top of a tornado. Our sirens did go off a couple of times, but no confirmed sightings. This was just before sundown.



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wow - cool - my father was a meteorologist in the US Airforce during WWII - he always taught me about cloud formations and weather patterns - those are truly amazing.

Here - you will really enjoy this


- sorry - no marbles here. :character-smileys-238:

this site is awesome! thanks for sharing it! my son will love this!

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Love the photos...when I grow up I wanna take some like that. I have a couple that I've taken recently but they are too big to get on here and I have no clue how to re-size:) Keep sharing, ok?

If you have Microsoft windows just right click the photo and say "open with" then use "microsoft picture manager"

In the picure manager you click on "fix" and the right column will pop up to "resize photo"


the pics posted are way cool.. :rolleyes:

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Don't mean to beat a dead horse, but I found this on a local web site and I thought it was too cool not to pass on.

Photos of the same storm from a different viewpoint. Clouds look like something from a sci-fi movie.


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