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Golden Rebel??

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Not for nothing, but I thought Golden Rebels

had a gold yellow base glass?

This on seems to have white in it.

Also the bands seem to be orange not red.

It does however have aventurine in the black bands.


What time frame would they be from?

I have a few of this type mib.

So are they a Golden Rebels cousin?

They fit the 19/32 size, in this auction.

If so WHEW HOO! $$$



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Here is where I based my opinion... These are all quotes from Marblealan...

The Indian Blanket is the only one that contains those colors... Now here are Alan's quotes...

Akro Indian Blanket...

"Indian blankets" are black, yellow, and red or black, white, and red.

Peltier Golden Rebel...

Golden Rebels have a yellow base with red and black ribbons (there is often aventurine in the black)

Peltier Rebel...

Rebel has a white base with black and red ribbons. Again, there is often aventurine in the black ribbons of the latter type.

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Indian blankets could probably have their own topic but similar colors yes.

Also, in the last few eBay years some red/white/black Akro's are referred to as "rebel" -type colors and there will be some confusion when it comes to who-made-what marbles when talking about specific nick"names" like rebel, superman, or golden rebel among others. Which is why it can get confusing some times. Not to mention the "hybrids" of blends that are out there and make a marble not appear as the way it should in order to fit a specific opinion or description

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