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Mk " Pixie Dust " Cat's Eyes


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“Pixie Dust” cat’s eyes were made by MK prior to July 19, 2010. They were meant to be the first step of experiments leading to a four vane gold lutz cat’s eye. MK has pictured the marbles and they were also shown during a television interview in the local area this summer. Some of these marbles have been sold on eBay in the last few weeks and it is unclear how they got into circulation.

The gold lutz cat’s eye was the first suggestion to Beri. The reason for this choice was so that she could help her reputation and that of MK by building on the old traditions of the company. If she had a four vane gold lutz cat’s eye that was her marble to give to folks, she would be able to build a lot of good will in the same manner as Berry Pink did with his namesake marble the “Berry Pink.” The idea and suggestion to her was that the only way to get one of the “golden cats” was get it from her as a gift.

These conversations and others started in Sept/Oct 2009.

There have been conversations about these and other projects at MK over the last year.

Beri did not have the materials to make the marbles so arrangements were made for to get enough materials with which to experiment. The original plan for the provision of materials grew from two kilos of each of four colors of aventurine to 25 pounds of each of the four colors. The “Pixie Dust” mibs are really just the first step on the path to a much bigger plan.

In perspective, the “Pixie Dust” mibs are to MK what “Sammie’s Sparkle Big Brother” are to JABO. They are a very important learning step. They are pretty, but what was learned from this experiment will lead to much prettier marbles.

Better mibs will be made at MK.

Beri was at Sistersville and gave some of these mibs to some people and sold them to select others.

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